Cats on the Bus

Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in signs. Since I lost my Brownie bear on the road to a hit and run murderer on the country lane where we used to live and my beautiful Queenie cakes still lives with my parents; I have been grieving hard, though Spirit Brownie keeps telling me to smile, be happy and eventually, get a new cat or two to keep me company in my city flat. Originally it was to be an indoor-only cat, but wait til I tell you what happened yesterday – maybe this is the sign, or omen, that I was telling you about.

Up until now my manifestations for new cats were wishy washy, I was finding it hard to let go of Queenie and surrender her to her fate in her Queendom, with her subjects, furry and human. And I was still grieving, of course. I tormented myself the same way over Brownie beforehand. So I manifested a kitty a lot like Brownie in the face and eyes, and a little companion for him. But it didn’t work out. 

Then I started saying I’d love kittens. I love kittens. I love a mammy cat. I adore watching them grow and learn, helping momma to give birth. It is absolutely adorable. But I haven’t been consistent with my manifesting, as I said. I was thinking I would wait until after the summer, because I will be in and out a lot, or after Kevin, my Beloved in Ghana, gets here, so we can adopt together. OR until the flat is cat-proof. Or until a cat finds me. Stalling, I guess, because I have fostered succesfully over the past year and nobody died. But I have been craving kitty company, especially since I haven’t seen Queenie in a few weeks, and I’ve been on a social media break. (My social is flooded with felines, of course!)

So fast forward to yesterday, I was on the bus with a friend, we were going to the park, like everyone who wasn’t going to the beach, on this fine beautiful late spring day. And we sat down the back. And on the floor was a cat-carrier. With a mom, and four beautiful kittens. Of course we started to admire them. Of course, we started talking to the human cat mom. She lives so close to my home! I pass down her street every time I go to the shop. And she told us her story about how she came across a pregnant cat – in the street! The cat, Phoenix, I think she named her, good name too! – came up to her on the street on her way home, and wrapped herself around her legs, followed her inside and made herself at home! Amazing! Magic! And a few weeks later, she has four babies, all have homes, and she is keeping one, who by the way, ADORES his mommy, he was kissing and loving on her like the most beautiful thing you ever did see. And not only that, but momma was looking up at her human with such absolutely love and joy in her face when the lady was telling us the story. 

SO, I was tired and worn out from the theatre production the night before, missing Queenie and my family down the country, but I got my furry feline fix – on the bus! And I learned that she was bringing the fur family to the park! So not only indoors for these babies! They get to run around the grass and play! The lady was so calm and relaxed, the mother cat so relaxed and happy – I believe that it is possible to have an indoor, outdoor cat in the city – with modifications! I hope she found a nice, dog-free zone!

I 100% believe that I was meant to meet this family – ‘Maktub’, as they say;  “it was written” – to open myself up to my new cat family, wherever and however they appear, embracing life’s possibilities. 

P.s. at our park (cat fam were going to a different park) we met the most gorgeous dogs as well, both of whom made fast friends with me too. So I am very tempted to get one of each – always my real dream, if I’m honest! A dog and a cat, sister and brother, or sisters, perhaps – they can come everywhere together with me and keep each other company while I am in the office. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. I am working on a book chronicling all the cat and cat stories of my life. I was inspired to write it by Merlin’s demise, he of the WordPress title of my blog. Later I read ‘On Cats’ by Doris Lessing, I recently re-read it, and I highly recommend it. My blog is and there you will see some more stories, photos and songs. Enjoy.

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