5 Benefits of Adopting An Office Cat

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Cats are the perfect office companions. They don’t interrupt workers from their daily tasks but are always there when someone needs a cuddle or a quick distraction.


Cats are also great for marketing and recruitment purposes. Famous office cats frequently feature on the front page of Reddit and are shared all over sites like Facebook and Instagram.

An office mascot can build comradery and help folks feel more connected at work, too. Office cats resemble a shared responsibility and are a great way to build buy-in at a business.

Attracting Customers

Marketing a business can be extremely expensive. Businesses around the globe spend $1 trillion every year on advertising, marketing, and branding. Standing out from the crowd can be tricky when competitors are investing their hard-earned profits into digital marketing and paid advertising.

However, feline-friendly businesses can utilize low-cost marketing strategies to help their firm overtake the competition. Marketers can designate their office cat as an unofficial “mascot” for the business and post high-quality, shareable pictures of everyone’s favourite cat on social media.

Cats can bring consumers into brick-and-mortar stores, too. Cats that have the freedom to roam from the back office to the front of house make for an unusual attraction. Cat lovers will visit coffee shops and eateries in their droves if there’s a chance to see their favourite office feline wandering around the store.

Reducing Stress

The past few years have been tough on employees. Now more than ever, office workers need support to reduce stress and bring life back into perspective.

An office cat won’t solve underlying problems in a business, but it can help folks make it through a particularly challenging Wednesday afternoon. Businesses can lower stress at work by creating a comfortable environment for humans and cats alike. This ensures that employees are able to break when they want to and find companionship in the office kitten.


Playing with a kitten or feeding the office cat may detract from an employee’s short-term productivity. However, businesses like the Ferray Corporation in Japan believe that cats can improve efficiency and profitability.

Employees who spend time with their feline pals report lower stress and benefit from having cats around the workplace. A quick stroke or nuzzle can help employees interrupt negative thought patterns and help employees retain a positive mindset throughout the day. This is critical when working with disgruntled customers or when working through detail-oriented financial forecasts.

The Ferray Corporation even incentivizes staff to adopt rescue kittens and offers $42 a month to any employee who takes a cat home with them.

Team Building

Nothing brings an office together like a shared love for the office cat. Employees will develop deeper bonds while caring for the office kitten. Some staff may even set aside time together to entertain the indoor office cat during their breaks.

Managers can encourage team building by creating a cat-responsibility rota at work. Staff who opt-in to care for the cat can work together to feed, clean, and entertain the office cat together. This gives team members a chance to bond over interests that aren’t related to work while feeding or playing with the office cat.

Pest Control

Most offices are naturally pest-free environments. However, some offices are adjoined by warehouses and open areas that may get their fair share of pests like rodents.

Most rodents simply stay away if they notice the presence of a cat in the area. However, care must be taken if office cats come into contact with pests. Rodents that carry fleas and ticks can transmit conditions like Lyme disease and anaemia.

Keep the office cat up to date with all of their jabs and check for any unusual bumps on a daily basis. This will ensure that the cat stays safe and continues to perform its role as a purr-fect workplace companion.


Adopting an Office Cat

Before bringing a cat into the office, managers need to survey staff to find out about allergies and opinions.

Consider adopting a hypoallergenic cat if some staff have a mild cat allergy. No cat is completely non-allergenic, but some won’t trigger employees’ symptoms. Consider breeds like:

  • Siberian
  • Balinese
  • Javanese
  • Bengal
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex
  • Siamese

These breeds have a minimal amount of allergy-inducing fur and produce less Fel d1 protein than typical cat breeds.

Remember to opt for a breed that likes being indoors, too. Staff will love having an office cat but may resent their feline friend if it is let out and doesn’t come back in at the end of the workday. Help the kitten feel at home by installing a few cosy nooks away from prying eyes and providing litter trays in inconspicuous areas around the office.


Adopting an office cat can boost productivity and reduce workplace stress. A rescue kitten can bring teams together, too, as everyone will want to chip in and do their bit to care for the office cat. Just be sure to survey staff before bringing a new cat in and consider opting for a hypoallergenic breed.

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