Reader Submissions for “Why Cats Chatter”

Hi everyone,

Following on from our fun little post about Why Cats Chatter, we’ve had MANY submissions from you all and when your own cats do this.

From Jay:

“My Siamese cats tend to do this. The younger much more frequently. The clip I will attach is her seeing a flying insect in the bathroom. She will do it while window gazing as well. Her name is Kaiyana, she is about 3 years of age ( rescue cat so not terribly sure).”

From Jan:

“I have only seen Billie do this once. She is an indoor-outdoor kitty. She was looking at birds out the window. I have seen other cats do this a few times. Fascinating!! Billie was younger in the photo, now she is almost four and is quite the hunter!! Regular bird, small lizards and garden snakes. This video she was about 1.5 years old. So now she can act on her urges. We have a big half acre fenced yard and our four cats stay inside the fence except Billie goes to the neighbor a bit. She was a rescue at 8 weeks old. I love her so much.”

From Lou:

“What I have observed is not teeth chattering, but rather, a staccato chirping vocalization.”

From Andrew:

In response to your article about why cats chatter, I have also always wondered whether my cat, Goose, was frustrated or happy.

Here are some recent videos of her reacting to our new bird feeder on the balcony

From Karen:

Kitten chattering

From Janice:

Mittens on her own stool watching the birds every day. Kansas City Mo Go Chiefs

It was a lot of fun seeing everyones photos and videos and we’ve picked some of the best submissions for you all above!



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