How To Include Your Cat In Family Vacations

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All cat owners know that their feline friend is more than just a pet. They are a part of the family. It is for that reason that we want to take them everywhere, including on our vacations. It is entirely possible to bring your cat along for your adventure, but you must remember to do so safely. Today, we will talk about the many ways that you can ensure that your furry friend can stay protected and have fun during your next trip.

Proper Packing Is Essential

Smart packing must always be a part of the equation before a big trip, but it is especially important when you are bringing a pet. At a minimum, you will need to bring enough food and water to hold them over during long drives or plane rides across the country or multiple continents.

If you are going on a shorter trip, then you should feed your cat a few hours before the trip so you can ensure that they use the litter box and don’t make an accident along the way. If your cat needs to remain fed for a longer trip, then also make sure to bring a food and water bowl.

There are several other items that you may want to bring along, including a few of their favourite toys to keep them occupied, a portable litter box, and possibly a cat bed. Also, don’t forget to bring a recent photo, ID, and veterinary records in case an official asks for them or the cat gets sick.

When driving by car, it is important that you bring the right materials that will keep you safe in the case of an emergency. Some of the items that you should always have in your car include jumper cables, a multitool, and a spare tire. You should also take precautions in the case of a medical emergency by packing a first aid kit, water bottles, and a flashlight. Keep in mind that if your car breaks down, you will need to keep your family and your cat safe, so plan accordingly.

Keeping Your Cat Safe While Travelling

Even if you aren’t driving hundreds of miles, it is important to ensure that your cat is safe and secure during the journey. At a minimum, your cat travel checklist should include a cat carrier that can be buckled into the backseat. Try to face the door of the carrier towards the window so your pet can see out the car window and enjoy the view. If you are travelling by plane, then a cat carrier is essential. If you believe that your cat will become anxious, then cover the carrier with a blanket or towel. In the case of an overly anxious cat, try to get them acclimated to the carrier before you leave so they are more comfortable going inside.

If your cat likes to roam around, then consider a larger carrier, but do not let your cat roam around in the car while you are driving. You may think that your cat will just sit in your lap, but if they roam in your line of sight or near the brake or gas pedal, then it could be a catastrophe.

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It is also a good idea to get your cat used to the idea of being transported in a car. Unlike dogs that may be there all of the time, cats are used to being stationary, so they will need to get used to the movement. Before the big vacation, take them along for shorter trips to the gas station or grocery store. If you still believe that your cat may act out during the trip, then consider buying them some calming treats or ask your vet about a medication to put them at ease.

Let Your Cat Have Fun Too

Now that your cat is safe and secure, it is time to go on your relaxing vacation. Your cat won’t be able to join you for every adventure, but you should allow them to stretch their legs from time to time. At a minimum, consider taking them outside during downtime. Your cat will love to investigate a new place, and you can enjoy the many health benefits of walking. A stroll through the park or down the street can help you to feel more energized, improve your balance, and you will burn calories along the way.

If your cat is not used to being out of the house, then safely introduce them to the outdoors by using a leash if necessary. Also, be aware of the warning signs that your cat is feeling ill, which include sluggish movements and heavy panting.

When you need to leave your cat behind in the hotel, try to provide items to keep them entertained. Leave behind their favourite toys and puzzles, a portable scratching post, or put them in a room with a window so they can spend the day watching the action outside.

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There are also special YouTube channels dedicated to entertaining cats that you could leave on in the background.

There are many ways that you can help your cat stay safe, feel secure, and even have fun during your next family vacation. Consider the tips mentioned here, and enjoy your next getaway.

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