Pet health and wellness start-up Buddycare launch innovative, affordable and sustainable, parasite prevention program.

Buddycare has introduced an affordable, home-based parasite prevention service for UK pet parents.

Buddycare was founded by vet professionals in 2020 to improve pet well-being and prevent ill health through education, products and novel services.

With the cost-of-living crisis impacting millions of UK households, the start-up is on a mission to keep pets healthy and happy.

In a bid to empower pet parents and help prevent and control parasites, Buddycare has launched a home-based worm egg count service.

The worm egg count kits for cats and dogs identify whether or not a de-wormer needs to be given.

With many pet parents looking to cut back the costs of pet care, the service stops money from being spent when there isn’t a need.

The tests prevent unnecessary trips to the vet, whilst reducing the environmental impact of over-treatment and saving pet owners money.

The kit can also check whether your worming treatment has worked effectively approximately 10-14 days after worming.

With recent studies demonstrating that some parasites may develop a resistance to worming medication, these tests serve as a great indicator.

Industry experts are actively advocating for responsible pet ownership, which includes proactively planning, preventing and controlling parasites in pets.

This innovative method is being recommended more by veterinary professionals, including the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH).

With a Worm Egg Count Test Kit, pet owners collect a stool sample at home and send it to the laboratory.

Here, the laboratory checks under the microscope and counts how many and the type of worm eggs they can see.

The results can then determine whether you need to monitor your pet’s faeces or if a worming treatment is necessary.

Ensuring pets remain parasite-free helps pet owners protect all family members and keeps everyone healthy, as some parasites can transmit to people.

It’s especially important to routinely monitor pets for worms in families with children, elderly or immunosuppressed people.

By doing so, pet owners can use the correct treatment according to the species of worm identified.

Buddycare promotes the responsible use of parasite treatments by encouraging pet owners to book consultations with their registered vet nurses (RVN) for support.

Their RVNs help pet owners choose suitable parasite protection, directing them to their vet when a prescription product maybe needed.

Buddycares vet nurse team can also create wellness plans to make sure pets are only given treatments when necessary.

Their qualified vet nurses are available online via free video consultation or live chat via their website.

The start-up hopes this will reduce the chances of pet parents stumbling upon incorrect information online that could lead to inappropriate treatment and put a pet’s health at risk.

This home-care testing is just one of the new pet services offered by Buddycare.

The start-up’s digital platform empowers pet parents to provide the best care possible guided by professionals at an affordable price.

These tests ensure their pet’s treatment choices are sustainable and that trips to the vet are saved for when they are crucial.

Visit here to learn more about our dog worm egg count test kit, and here to learn more about the cat worm egg count test kit.

Buddycare also provides other pet tests that can help owners stay ahead of health risks and even predict disease here.

UK pet parents can book free vet nurse consults directly here.

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