Animal Expert Reveals Ultimate Playlist for Your Pets: From Cat and Dog Songs to Bird Songs

Over 60% of pet owners sing or play music to soothe their pets. But which playlists are the most popular among our furry friends? ?
New research by All About Cats dived into the world of Spotify to find the most liked playlists for pets for you to enjoy with your furry friend, whether you have a cat or a dog.
You can dig further into the data here:
Top 10 most popular pet playlists
The research reveals:
  • The most popular pet music playlist, “Calm music for pets” has 980 tracks and with 2,704 likes, it certainly helps soothing the nerves of your furry friend.

  • Second on our list of popular pet playlists is Calm Music for Pets, containing 202 delightful piano sounds to calm your pets.

  • Third on our popular playlists for pets is this classical mix of calming melodies for your pet. If you’re going to the office, follow this selection of classical beats to keep any cat, dog, hamster or goldfish content while you’re away.

Further study insights:
  • The most popular playlist for cats is called “Lazy Jazz Cat”, with 212,090 playlist likes, and is a collection of instrumental jazz with a cool and soft sound.

  • The most dog-friendly playlist on our list, with 47,623 likes is called “Dog Music ?”. It is good for dogs struggling with anxiety of being home alone.

You can view the full research here.
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