Spooky Season is Almost Upon Us! Spooktakular Cat Toys to go With it!

Hi everyone,

With October comes the season of pumpkins and Halloween! And this year our feline friends can join in on the fun in a safe way because our friends over at 4cats have launched a brand new range of halloween themed cat toys! And if you can’t decide which ones to get why not grab one of our regular mystery subscription boxes.

Spooky fun awaits especially with the new 4cats Rustling cushion in a seasonal Halloween design! This cushion is filled with cotton noil with added paper, which gives an enticing sound and an exciting play experience for cats.

It‘s big enough for little heads and bodies to rub against it with pleasure and absorb as much of the irresistible aroma of valerian or the 4cats own catnip blend (4catsnip) as possible.

Of course with Halloween being a noiser time of the year we at Katzenworld would recommend that you opt for valerian filling as this gives you a more relaxed and calm cat at the end of the playtime.

So how does valerian impact your feline companions?

Most cats will cuddle up with the Valerian filled toys, lick them and play passionately with them! You can often see how they rub themselves all over the toys! Some will roll around on the floor and others will chase, kick or chew on the toy.


This toy is now also available in a Halloween design!

How does it work?

The Valerian root contains Actinidine which is also known as a cat attract pheromone that is found in Valerian, Catnip and a few other plants! Cats and other Felines (Yes even the big ones!) are attracted to this pheromone.

How long does it work?

This depends a bit on each individual cat and varies from 5 – 20 minutes. Once this phase has passed the cat will enter the so called refractory phase for at least 30 – 120 minutes during which time it won’t react to the fragrant material contained in Valerian toys.

Even the motive cushions can be bought as Halloween designs now!

How was it discovered?

Valerian was discovered as a stimulant for cats long before we started using it for our house tigers. Wild Felines have been captivated by so called “cat herbs” for centuries and scientists have been using Valerian as a lure to study small and large felines in the wild!


What are the benefits?

While the cat is attracted by the Valerian it can help them to relax during stressful situations such as shows, firework season and other events that are not part of their general routine. Most cats either get ecstatic and power themselves out or calm down and relax while “enjoying a timeout” with their Valerian toy. Best of all from our personal experience at shows we find that this beneficial effect remains even long after you’ve taken the toys away.

Valerian also often gets used in sprays and air diffuser to induce a calming effects on cats and other animals which is different to the impact of catnip. It leaves most cats calm and relaxed after use of the toys hence why there is a lasting effect!

So why not head over to our shop and purchase one of the halloween designs in valerian filling. ;o



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