Cats ‘Feline’ the Love at RSPCA Centre are now Looking for a Purrfect Home Together

It was love at first sight for Lord and Lady Sugar!

The RSPCA has issued a special rehoming appeal to find a purrfect home for two cats who fell in love at an RSPCA centre.

Both cats were very timid when they each came into the RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham separately and would shy away from people but, once they met each other, their love blossomed and so did their confidence.

Lord Sugar, a two-year-old black cat, came into the charity’s care in February from a multi-cat household. He hadn’t been given much socialisation and was therefore quite scared of people when he first arrived.

Lady Sugar, a one-year-old black and white female cat, came into the centre in March when she was about six-months-old. She was also rescued from a multi-cat household and was in poor condition and suffering from a ruptured eye which sadly resulted in one of her eyes needing to be removed. She had a poor start in life and was also suffering from ear mites and dental disease.

Kelly Legg, from RSPCA Birmingham, said: “These two were both pretty scared of people when they arrived and would hide away in their pods. It took many months for them to become more comfortable with us.

“We could tell from early on that they appeared to like the company of other cats as we would catch them playing with other cats through the glass or chatting to them as they walked by.

“As Lord Sugar’s confidence improved, he started to come out onto the main cattery floor for a bit of an explore and that’s when the romance began. Little Lady would sit up to watch him strutting around and they would chat away to one another. Lady would chirrup and roll around in her pod.

“This went on for a little while before Lady gained some confidence and they finally met nose to nose and it was one of the most beautiful moments we have ever seen at the cattery. From then on, we spent many weeks bonding them daily and eventually upgraded them to a double pod where they could spend longer periods of time together – and now they are inseparable.

“Their confidence with people has grown so much as they have grown closer, which has been amazing to see.”

They are now looking for a home where they can be adopted together and they would prefer an adult-only household as they will need an owner who can be patient and give them fuss on their own terms. They would prefer not to live with a dog and will need access to the outside.

Kelly added: “Both cats adore fuss, they just need to learn how to fully trust humans but we hope we have given them a great start and they can continue to flourish together in a home.”

If you think you can give Lord and Lady Sugar a loving home, please fill out a Perfect Match form (available online) and email it to

This comes as the RSPCA is braced for a summer of suffering. We see a rise of animal cruelty over the summer months with 245 reports of cruelty every day.

And with the increase in pet ownership and the cost of living crisis putting a strain on people’s finances, the charity fears we may see more animals coming into our care at a time when rehoming has slowed.

Our frontline teams are working hard to rescue animals in need this summer but we can’t do it alone – we need your help to Cancel Out Cruelty. To adopt a rescue animal, visit:

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1 thoughts on “Cats ‘Feline’ the Love at RSPCA Centre are now Looking for a Purrfect Home Together

  1. Christine Carroll says:

    Isn’t it so wonderful these cats found love together wishing you both the best forever home you both deserve it so much. X?

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