Sushi Cats! You Just Have to Collect Them all!

Hi everyone,

Today we are doing a slightly different post from our usual ones. 😉

On one of our trips to Japan, we came across these cute little Sushi Cats in one of Japan’s capsule machines! And we of course couldn’t resist putting in a few hundred yen to collect them.


The three little cats immediatly gave us the idea that once back home we should try and make our own Sushi! After we got our hands on it the Sushi Cats got to sit around our own homemade Sushi. ;D

Fast forward a few year and we actually managed to get our hand on blind boxes that contain keyring versions of EXACTLY the cats that we brought back from Japan!

And even better they launched a second set of sushi cats as well!

But remember these come in a blind box so you’ll need to be lucky to “catch em all!”



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