Keep Pets Safe During Record-Breaking Heat Waves [Veterinary Advice]

According to ABC News, record-breaking heat waves are continuing across the U.S., with some cities hitting triple-digit temperatures. Our team at has shared information regarding hot weather and how to avoid heatstroke in pets.

Helpful Tips for Pet Owners:

  • Anything above 86°F / 30 Celsius  is considered dangerous to animals. This is the maximum temperature for most species to comfortably exist outside. Pets should always be kept indoors on hot days and have access to water.

  • On a typical 86°F, pavement can become as hot as 135°F when in direct sunlight. This is hot enough to burn a dog’s feet. Pet owners should avoid walking their dog between 10AM and 3PM. Pet owners can test whether pavement is too hot for their dog’s paws by setting their hand or bare foot on it for five seconds – if the heat is too much to bear, then it’s too much for a dog.

  • Never leave a dog in a car. Cracking open a car’s windows on a hot day does little to decrease deadly temperatures. Even when a car’s windows are open by 1.5 inches, the internal temperature of a car can increase by 3.1 degrees every 5 minutes.

  • Signs of heatstroke: Excessive panting, vomiting, constant drooling, lethargy, and more. To cool down a dog, pet owners should slowly lower a dog’s temperature and avoid extreme ways that will only cause a dog shock (such as dropping them into a body of water or ice bath). Instead, pet owners should offer their dog cool water and cool them down with a wet towel and call a vet with any concerns.

  • If you suspect your dog has heatstroke or heat exhaustion, take them to the vet even if they’ve cooled. Heatstroke is dangerous and causes problems that only your vet can treat.

“Hot pavement can injure the paws, causing blisters and burns in severe cases. The paw pads can also become red or darker than usual. Dogs and Cats with injured paw pads will limp or maybe not want to walk at all.” – JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM

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