Are Cats Man’s New Best Friend? Surge In Demand Throughout Lockdown

Everyone’s heard that dogs are man’s best friend, but what about cats? Research from pet insurance comparison experts, shows that over the last three years, across the pandemic, demand for pets amongst single people was on the rise, particularly cats.

Couples with pets have actually been in decline year-on-year, dropping from 70.5% in 2019 to 67% in 2022 for dogs, and from 65% down to 60.6% for couples with cats.

Demand for pets from single people has spiked though, with dogs up from 29% to 33% and the popularity of cats jumping by almost 5%, from 35% in 2019 to 39.4% in 2022.

The cat owners surveyed take very particular care of their pets, with 85% of the cats microchipped – even though it’s not a legal requirement yet. A majority of cat owners in the UK have also gotten their feline friends vaccinated (84%) and neutered (85%), which can help for medical reasons and can even help cat owners save money on pet insurance.

a young guy lies on the floor and hugs maine coon cats. Fun with kittens. Man in white T-shirt holding kitten in hands. male cat lover. the cat touches the man’s face


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1.Review pets’ lifestyles, indoor versus outdoor – indoor cats are at less risk of theft and injury.

2.If you have more than one cat, it’s normally cheaper to have a multi-pet policy.

3.Often fully vaccinated, microchipped/tagged and neutered cats have cheaper premiums.


One would think that all cats adopted through charities would be Moggies but while the Moggies of course came out on top it was quite surprising to find out that shelters and charities also had a lot of pedigree cat adoptions throughout the pandemic.

The top pedigree cats adopted were Main Coones, Persian and Siamese cats!

*This section is based on data Katzenworld gathered from various shelters and charities in the UK*

Greg Wilson, Founder of pet insurance comparison site,, comments: “It’s great to see a rise in demand for our feline friends, these clever animals are full of affection and personality, we’d just recommend that people do their homework before adopting or purchasing any pet, considering if the breed is a good fit for them and their household and working out estimated costs for care and food beforehand.  Bear in mind any upcoming changes in lifestyle such as returning to the office or a more hybrid work/life balance, which can all affect our furry friends.

“Vet bills have the potential to be quite sizable if the animal suffers an accident or is diagnosed with an illness, so shop around and get a good deal on pet insurance, it really is the best way to protect them, safeguard finances and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

*Terms and conditions available here.

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