In Celebration Of International Cat Day….

Everybody Loves Cats! Apart from the people that don’t, and they are quite frankly missing out…

Below we have the Top 10 Funny Cat Themed Private Number Plates that ACTUALLY exist put together by the team at Regtransfers.

Cats have proven time and time again with their fuzzy, adorable faces, to make people make noises like, ‘awwwww!’ and ‘eeeeeeee!’.

These hilarious cat images won’t just have you laughing, but overloaded with cuteness too!

#1: Cat Boss

Tis Time…

#2: Cool Cat

I invented the Catwalk

#3: Boop That Snoot! Boop It!!!

Cute Snoot

#4: Cat Lady

Living her best life

#5: Cat Dad

They always come round eventually!

#6: Jinxy

Who doesn’t love jinxy cat?

#7: Cat’s Definitely Have 9 Lives!

If I fits I sits

#8: Cat WTF

How dare you tease me with chicken nuggets!! You know they’re my favourite!

#9: Cat *NOM*

Get a cat they said…

#10: Loaf of Cat?

What a pure bread cat looks like:

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