Cole, my Foster Cat, has his Forever Home, by Anna Pickering

Exactly one month to the day that I brought my lovely foster cat, Cole, home, I wanted to let you know that he has found his forever home.

He was spotted by his new owner on the rehoming page on Mayhew’s website and they thought he was the one. They completed the application form which was reviewed by Mayhew’s adoption team, and it looked like a perfect match.

Mayhew’s Adoption Officer passed on my contact details so that the prospective adopters could get in touch to arrange a visit. A few days later, they came to meet Cole in my flat and it was love at first sight!

They loved him just as much as we did, and completed the adoption process the following day. This meant it was time for us to say goodbye to Cole and return him to Mayhew for his final vet check before he would be collected by his new paw-rents!

It was sad to say goodbye to Cole as he was such a pleasure to have in my life and home, but we knew it was a fresh start for him! Finding your foster cat a forever home is the ultimate goal – it also felt like a real accomplishment for me, and something I am incredibly proud of.

I wanted to share my four top tips for saying goodbye to your foster pet when they go to their new forever home.

  1. Celebrate the adoption

Saying goodbye to a Cole wasn’t easy as he became one of the family the minute he came into my home. (Yes, I will admit that I cried as I packed up his toys and feeding bowls to take back to Mayhew). It’s totally normal to be sad. While it might not feel like it at the time, the sadness will fade. Feel it, and know that it’s ok to shed a few tears, but also just remember what a difference you made by fostering.

  1. Reach out to other foster parents

You might want to share your foster stories with other foster parents and relish in the fact that you both “get it.” You’ve both been through the same emotions, so talk them out and laugh, cry, and remember every moment. And if you share your experience with other people, they might decide to foster a pet and make a difference in the same way you did.

  1. Pass on your foster pet’s favourite things.

Sending a little piece of yourself and your time with your foster pet is a simple way to stay part of their new life. Plus, your foster pet’s favourite toy or a familiar-smelling blanket could make their new home feel more “homely” from the start.

  1. Remember, you can always foster again

If you ask a seasoned pet foster parent the trick to healing a broken heart, you’re likely to hear one answer above all the rest: do it again. “Get another foster pet – it’s best medicine.”

We all know it, but it bears repeating without patient, loving foster homes like yours, charities like Mayhew wouldn’t be able to save nearly as many lives. By saying goodbye to one foster animal – and dealing with all the feelings that come with it — you’re making space to save another.

If you are interested in fostering a cat from Mayhew, please visit

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