5 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Your Cats

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/orange-cat-sleeping-on-white-bed-1560424/

Capturing photos of your cats is a fun way to share your overwhelming love for them. After all, who wouldn’t want to see pictures of your awesome cat all over Instagram?

Unfortunately, your pals might not be as into the process as you are. Animals, as it turns out, can be divas when it comes to modeling for a photo shoot. Here are five tips for taking awesome photos of your cats without stressing you or your beloved pet.

Prepare for an Action Shot

Staying still while taking a photo ensures the image will be crisp and clear. If you have an active cat, the thought of staying in one position may seem like a pipe dream. Instead of hoping they’ll stay still, manage your expectations and learn how to take an action shot.

To take a high-quality action shot, Facetune recommends using burst mode. Burst mode will take a series of photos, capturing minute movements without blurring your image. This feature is also great if you have live photo mode on your phone, as you can create short video clips from your photo series.

Using burst mode is also recommended during still shots in case your cat blinks or looks away. Look through the burst and choose the image that looks best to you.

Choose the Right Timing

Your cat likely has a routine they like to follow throughout the day, such as when they eat or like to play. It’s important to understand your cat’s behavior and schedule when trying to take photos, as these factors will impact their willingness to cooperate.

For example, if you’re getting close to feeding time, your cat is probably solely focused on dinner. If they’ve been cooped up in the house all day, they might have excessive energy that makes it difficult to stay still for a photo.

You can use the timing to your advantage. Your cat might be full of love and affection when you get home from work, making it easier to capture a snuggly selfie together. Planning to take a picture after playtime is a great way to capture them being still and peaceful.

Don’t be Above Bribery

Human models require payment for their services; why should animals be any different? Don’t be above using threats and bribes to get your animal to sit or pose for a photo. You can even get a treat attachment for your phone to keep them looking your way.

The goal is to create a positive experience, so they associate photo sessions with happy outcomes. Shower your cat with love and affection after they pose for a photo and reward them for their efforts.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/short-coated-gray-cat-20787/

Get on Their Level

Don’t make the mistake of photographing your cat from above. The sharp angle can create a disproportionate image that fails to capture the essence of your cat. Consider that a photo effectively turns a 3D object into a 2D image— the wrong angle can create distortion during that process.

Instead, get on the same level as your cat and focus on the eyes. Focusing on the eyes prevents angular distortion but also captures your beloved pet’s personality and spirit.

Use a Tripod or Selfie Stick

Stability and depth are two fundamental factors when capturing a high-quality image. Using a tripod with a remote clicker (or timer) or a selfie stick when jumping into a photo with your cat is a great way to accomplish both.

As you work through these steps to taking a great photo of your cats, remember that this shouldn’t be a stressful experience. If your cat seems distressed or you’re getting frustrated, take a break and reset; getting an Instagram-worthy image isn’t worth upsetting yourself or your pet.


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