Are Cats Happy in Apartments?

Playful cat in a small apartment

Whether you’re loving life in an enormous industrial loft, sticking it out in a small studio or living the high life in a highrise downtown, odds are, you either have a pet or you’d like to get one.

We are happy to say that Katzenworld has been featured on as one of over 20 cat experts who were tasked with answering the question: Are cats happy in apartments? If not, what can a cat owner do to improve their furry friend’s quality of life?

Check out our answer along with all the other feline-friendly tips by giving the article a read.
Are Cats Happy In Apartments? 21 Experts Weigh In

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2 thoughts on “Are Cats Happy in Apartments?

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    As an owner of four cats, cats are happy wherever there is food, a sunny window and a litter box. Of course they crave the affection of their owners and that goes both ways.

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