Only the Very Best for Your Cat!

Cats at all stages of life will thrive on a high-protein, high-moisture diet that is rich in substances only found specifically in meat.

When purchasing food for your cat, it’s important that the ingredients contain a mixture of the best cuts of meat and offal which provide amino acids, fats, essential vitamins and minerals. This will ensure your cat develops and maintains a healthy body and brain.

Feeding your cat a clean, non-processed diet, comprising of only natural ingredients, will maintain the precious microbiome needed to strengthen your cat’s immune system.

Five top tips for feeding your cat:

  1. Consider your cat’s age: While kittens should be fed up to three times a day, once a cat becomes an adult (one year of age) feeding them once or twice a day will be fine. Make sure you select a pet food range that has been certified by a nutritionist or vet, this will ensure that the recipe will support your cat at all stages of life

  1. Find food with natural whole food ingredients: Pet food brands such as HugMyCat, are completely bone free, contain all-important calcium and the highest quality omega-3 to make sure your cat is getting all the nutrients it needs. Avoid selecting food that contains preservatives and added fillers such as grains and legumes, which are not as healthy for your pet. Look out for food with meat and fresh vegetables in and for Easter, HugMyCat has created a British Lamb and Outdoor Reared Pork dish with tasty 100% whole food ingredients for your cat to enjoy!
  2. Keep the feeding areas clean: It may seem obvious, but there are certain factors that may influence your cat’s appetite. Make sure you’re cleaning the food bowls correctly before topping up with new food or water. Selecting a pottery-based bowl is actually easier to clean than plastic, which can sometimes retain odours over time

3. Give out treats in moderation: We all know that cats love treats! Despite this, please resist the urge to give them to your cat multiple times a day. Treats are usually high in calories, so save them up for special occasions or as a reward for good behaviour

4. Provide your cat with fresh water each day: It is important to change your cats water bowl every day to make sure they stay hydrated. If your cat isn’t drinking enough, look at purchasing a pet water fountain as this may help to increase their water intake too


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