Purrsday Poetry: Hard Rain In Ukraine by Raffi Lido

The following poem was dedicated to the people of Ukraine and especially the man that rescued one of his cats as seen in this story here by Raffi Lido:

Stands here

A man

With his wide-eyed

Grey concrete dusted

Cat in his hands

In the debris

Of the take no prisoners


There is nothing more

That was there before

As he fumbles for

the nothingness

In the unrecognizability

Of his once village’s



This weary woman

With the ragged smile

Wears a kitten

In her sweater

Whose golden head


Is all you see


As she struggles to


Where she is and

Where she will be


The people of Ukraine

Embed their animals

In their clothing and

In their life

Every step they take is


with terror

And fear and strife

and yet

They say- I’m alive


And most importantly

I have my dog or

Cat everywhere

I go


Where that is

I may not know

Nor do I know

What we will


But wherever

Wherever I do

Go now


You can be sure

Every unknown


We will always


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5 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Hard Rain In Ukraine by Raffi Lido

  1. bennyanddrago says:

    Thank you, Katzenworld- the last line seems to have been absorbed but it reads-

    Every unknown


    We will always

    take together

    All my love to the people of Ukraine and their animals- Raffi Lido

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