How to Brush and Clean Your Cats by Wildwash Natural Pet Care

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WildWash is very excited to announce that they teamed up with an International, Certified Master Groomer, Katie Rourke Dowding, to produce educational ‘How To’ videos for pet owners that want to groom their furry friends at home.

At WildWash we provide high-quality, effective yet gentle pet care products using natural ingredients that are safe both for pets and their owners. We consider that applying organic, natural products on your pet’s coat in the right way is crucial in the grooming process.

Because the WildWash products have a high concentration level, a bottle of 300ml can provide the pet owner with up to 20 washes on their cats, dogs or horses. Thus, Katie explains in the following video how to use a grooming mixing bottle to get the best results: How to Use a Mixing Bottle for Grooming – WildWash.

With over 17 years of grooming experience, Katie offered us insights on How To Brush a Short Haired Cat only using a Rubber Brush and a Fine Comb.

We all know that cats can be pretty uncooperative when it comes to being groomed. They’ll scratch, meow, and often try to get away. One of the most difficult tasks to clean is their eyes. If you have a hard time trying to keep your cat still and clean their eyes, try these tips on How to Clean a Cat’s Eyes.

Moreover, she explains that it is important to clean a cat’s ears if they have ear mites because it can lead to bacterial infections. Thus, they’ve created a video showcasing How to Clean a Cat’s Ears.

In addition, everyone knows that our furry friends need to be brushed to keep their coats looking their best. In this playlist you can find out an easy step by step process for a pet owner to take care of their pets at home: How To Groom Your Pets at Home.

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