Cat Friendly Decorating Ideas

Indoor cats usually live longer because they’re not exposed to the elements and to dangers such as traffic, predators, animal abusers and disease. Being an indoor cat they require physical and mental stimulation to make their lives happier. With some simple decorating ideas you can make your home into a cat-friendly environment. Be sure to make use of all of your vertical space since cats are known to love high places. They don’t want to be under your feet or in danger of having their tails stepped upon. Buy a tall cat condo that will give your cat space and privacy high above everyone’s heads so that they can see what is going on around them. The latest kinds of cat trees have all sorts of special features like cubby hiding holes and different height platforms so your car can choose how high they’d like to climb. It is a good idea if possible to place the cat condo near a window so that if your cat prefers they can also see what is going on in the outside world.

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If you have the space you can also add special cat wall shelves, ramps and walkways so that while your cat enjoys the heights he or she can also get some exercise while climbing and jumping about. There are also cat hammocks to hang in windows and specially built kit-in boxes for cats to be able to hang out on tables or desks so they can see what you’re up to and also have some company if they prefer it. You might consider building a safe outdoor enclosure for your cat so at times they can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. You should make it so that the cat has accessibility from inside through a cat door so that they can come and go as they please. In the cat enclosure, you can consider adding some cat grass or catnip for them to nibble on and providing some climbing structure. This way your cat gets the best of both the indoor and outdoor world.

Remember the one most important thing and that is that cats are private creatures. So if you must provide them with a litter box make sure you place it where they can easily access it and far away from heavy traffic areas. There are many different litter boxes to choose from and you can get one that is enclosed so kitty can climb in and do what comes naturally away from prying eyes. If you have a multi-cat household you must consider all of your cats’ comfort. You can create a cat world of different cat ramps so all of your cats can come and go as they please without having a conflict. When it comes to food bowls you can create a space where your cat or cats can easily get to their food but don’t have to worry about anyone stepping on their tails as they go walking by. It is best to keep the food bowls in a special area otherwise it can make the cat nervous if a parade is marching by as they try to eat their meal. Make sure that fresh water is always at the ready.

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3 thoughts on “Cat Friendly Decorating Ideas

  1. Crystal says:

    I’m not surprised indoor cats live longer.
    Most cats probably don’t want to be under your feet but my last cat was always under feet and wanted to be with you. I know this unusual for a cat but this cat had a very bad kittyhood before I rescued her.

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    My boy is nearly 13 and loves going out all my cats over the years were let out. I know as long as they love you and you love them they never went far away from me and home comforts. x???

  3. Willow Croft says:

    Welll, I agree with everything above, not only in keeping a cat indoors, but providing them with lots of climbing things…but, even indoors, my very rambunctious calico still manages to perform death-defying activities…she’s used up all of her nine lives. If there were a cat Olympics, I’d sign her up! It’s something else to see her run into a room full bore, and not even break stride as she takes a flying leap from the ground to the top of a five-foot cat tower!

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