Angel’s Eyes: Critter Collectors formerly known as Neko Flies , It’s Swat Cats Love

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a fabulous toy that is designed to be interactive with your cat your going to want to check this one out. Angel is so obsessed and hooked on the Critter Collectors by RompiCatz that she has been trying to get this toy off a shelf all by herself! This is an interactive toy for a human to play with the kitty, so keep your toy tucked safely away in a drawer or closet until you are ready to play with your cat again!

neko toy 2

The Critter Collectors are so amazing that the lures at the end are designed to move in a lifelike way which is a great part of their appeal even to cats who usually are not interested in toys or playing. However, these toys are not intended to be left with your cat alone, but for you to play and have them catch it and praise them and maybe offer a great treat for their catch..

neko toy 3

Oh, and the best part is you can buy different toys to attach to the sturdy rod. A durable string attaches your fly at one end and a sturdy claw clip with a swivel at the other end for easy on and off. They have different toys like the Cattipede is which Angel has been playing with and also Cattimoth. She loves to jump really high to catch this one. They even have a Mouse called Kittenator, a Naturally fury scampering mouse.

neko toy 4

Angel has become obsessed with this toy and she loves to have someone to play with her. So this is a perfect match for us. As you can tell, when her tongue is out she is having a great time and ready to hunt her prey,

neko toy boxed

Angel is pointing out that there is a window to see what bug you can buy and want to play with. Angel quickly made up her mind about which one she wanted to play with first.

neko boxed 2

If you would like to get one of these for your own kitties you can find them in our online Shop here: Critter Collectors by RompiCatz

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7 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Critter Collectors formerly known as Neko Flies , It’s Swat Cats Love

  1. Doug Thomas says:

    Those are the absolute best toys I’ve found for kitties! My kitty boy Andy love, love, loves that one Angel’s playing with in the photos, though Birbugs are a favorite, too, of those available through this Japanese manufacturer of kitty toys.

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