‘Caution: Cat Vomit’ Signs and Wine Corks: Willow Biden’s ‘Out of the Box’ Gifts From PETA

President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have almost certainly bought every luxury cat product on the market for Willow, the FFOTUS or “First Feline,” but what about the simple things cats seem to love the most? To fill that gap, PETA is sending Willow an “out of the box” kitty care package filled with everyday items that enrich cats’ lives while their guardians are busy at work, including safe paper bags (without handles) for playing peek-a-boo, wine corks for chasing, and a roll of aluminum foil that will make perfect crinkle balls. There’s also a pair of “Caution: Cat Vomit” signs in case Willow should leave a hairball (properly a “bezoar”) in the Oval Office or the family residence—hey, it happens!—and a leash and harness so that she can join the Bidens for walks on the White House lawn.
“While PETA’s gifts may seem strange to humans, paper bags and foil balls are worth their weight in gold to cats, so they’re the purrfect way for Willow to begin her many happy years with her new family,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “Knowing cats as we do, we bet that while Willow will love all her new toys, the best gift of all will be the box they came in!”
PETA is also sending along a copy of Newkirk’s new book, 250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know. It’s filled with tips for new and experienced cat guardians alike, from details on why cats should never be left to roam outdoors unsupervised (for their own safety and that of neighborhood birds) to more ideas for toys that won’t break the Treasury, including pinecones, nut shells, and pull tabs from juice containers.
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