Cat 101: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of a New Cat

Adding a feline friend to your family needs more responsibility and care from your end. Since most cats spend most of their time within closed spaces, making your home suitable for their livelihood is of utmost importance.

Some owners love seeing their cats cuddling up in their laps often. Few others need an independent cat with minimal supervision from the owners. However, not all cats are the same. You can create a homely environment for them to blend with your lifestyle.

Let’s have a detailed look at essential tips that help take care of your new cat in this guide.

Stock Up Cat Supplies

Before you bring the cat home, it is crucial to stock up on all the cat supplies needed to be comfortable. The essential list of things you may need to get are:

  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl
  • Cat food and treats
  • Litter box
  • Litter scoop and litter
  • Grooming items (toothbrush, comb, shampoo, nail clippers)
  • Bed
  • Carrier box(store-bought or made up at home)
  • Scratching items
  • Collars and name tag

Besides these, you can go ahead and fancy up your house with many cat accessories available in pet shops. However, if possible, understand your feline friend before investing in other items.

Decide on A Vet

Look around your locality to find vets for your furry friend. Also, once you zero in on the vet, arrange for an initial appointment with them. It helps you to understand your cat’s health initially.

Furthermore, you can talk to the vet about foods that give wholesome nutrition and vaccinations on schedule.

Choose The Right Food

Make sure to get the details on the best cat from your vet. It may depend on their age, health condition, activity level, etc. For example, the information from the ASPCA states that taurine is an essential food for cats in the early developmental stages.

Similarly, try to keep the treats level in their daily diet to a minimum. Go through the labels of all cat food items to understand the nutritional information. Check for allergies and optional food items available from the same brand after your cat gets accustomed.

Additionally, this blog intensively reviews cat foods suitable for each type and appetite. Have a look at the information given on the website to understand cat foods better.

Cat-Proof the Surroundings

It is better to take care of your new pet like an infant at home. You can follow these simple tricks to keep your cat safe and healthy:

  • Remove any dangerous or small objects from the floor to prevent ingestion.
  • Close all small openings, windows, and doors to keep your cat safe and sound.
  • Also, try to keep the cabinets closed that contain medicines and chemicals like floor cleaners.

Get A Convenient Litter Box

Cats need privacy too. Hence, find a litter box with a closed space to help them pass freely. PetMD suggests getting an efficient litter that makes cleaning up easy. Also, clean up regularly to keep the litter box healthy and hygienic.

You can keep the litter box in a separate room if possible to make it an easier routine for your feline friend. If they resist using the litter box, try washing the box with soft detergents that do not emit a pungent smell. Moreover, have a thorough wash at least once a week to prevent infections.

Further, if you see your cat still refusing to use a litter box, contact your vet for help. It is better to make this a routine from day one itself to keep the environment clean and tidy for both of you.

Cat Scratchers Save Your Furniture

Cats tend to keep their nails sharp and active all the time. Hence, if you would like to save your furniture from any damage, get them scratch posts available at pet stores.

You can go for both vertical and horizontal scratchers to ease their stress. Also, add them in every room to keep them busy and save your carpets simultaneously. You also get types of scratcher corrugated cardboard pieces for them to use every day.

Give Them A Housing

A small place with their bed and a warm blanket give your cat their “me” time to rest. It is essential for your pet when they reach your home. Also, take care of the bedding as regular washing keeps them hygienic and comfy.

Similarly, keep attractive water bowls and food bowls to make them happy and interested. Try adding treats to their bowl when needed to encourage them. Further, get them some toys for them to pass the time better. Always look out for the toy material and size before handing it over to your cat.

Try Spending More Time With Your Cat

Cats do not need as much attention as dogs. However, they do need the occasional presence of their human to make them happy. Also, try accommodating more time for your pet friend once you are home. Else, try getting cats that need the least attention. You can do extensive research to bring home such a breed of cats.

Also, talk to the rest of your family about your cat’s needs when you are not home. Set up some ground rules like not leaving the door open, feeding on time, and cleaning the boxes when you are not present.

All these care tips help keep your cat comfortable in its new environment. You can also try other hacks like changing their essentials every once in a while and taking them outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Cats love their environment as most of their time in a day is inside closed doors. Hence, it’s up to you to make their environment comfortable and neat. Give them adequate space with a nice bed and blanket to rest when needed.

You can also go creative with feeding and water bowls to make them eat and drink well. Don’t forget to take them to a vet regularly for routine checkups and complete their vaccination schedule on time.

We hope this guide will help welcome your cat easily into your loving home!


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