Purrsday Poetry – The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

The following entry in Purrsday Poetry has been submitted by: Carol Rafale Tavares LidoAlbiza

The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight
Well, there’s that 3 O’clock jitterbug
across the floor
Tour jete and wild ballet
Indecipherable games that you play

Then at 6:30 AM you’re back again
golden teapot screaming
Cutting into my deep sweet dreaming
Lacerate the pillowcase
And pound relentlessly at my face

Banging on the bedroom door and
Letting out a ragged roar
Jumping on the bed and then
circling the airport again

Over and under the sheets
You big mug
While I myself have under the blankets dug
Out a refuge that won’t save me
From your wild feline raving

Dizzying, dazzling dervish
ethereal, mystical, magic, and mischief
Acrobat and vault and somersault
This ain’t the time
Go back to bed
Your screaming is beating in my head

I love you, Lion,
Love you so
but the 6:30 thing has got to go

And then you go into day
While espresso is my only way
To open my eyes at last
to regain what’s left of sanity’s grasp
And there you go

Wouldn’t you know
Another golden tumbleweed
Of a show
And all that stuff of boundless joy! And free
of barrier, limitation or boundary.

So, while I’m breathing in the coffee beans
And struggling with my waking
I realize it’s gone quiet now
And nothing in the house is shaking

Ah, there it is I see
you curling up it seems
Eyes closed and snorin’
And blissfully ignorin’
slipping away from me
to drop back at last you be melting down
into your OWN sweet dreams.

All I am is cats.
Carol Rafale Tavares LidoAlbiza

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9 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry – The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

  1. simon7banks says:

    Not only behaviour we all recognise (by cat and human), but a really good poem. Thanks!

    Since retiring, and having three cats, I describe myself as “Cat Relationship Manager”.

    • bennyanddrago says:

      Well, he is actually a therapy cat, this fellow, but sometimes I wonder who is the therapy- me to him or vice versa. I don’t know what my title would be- Hooman, I suppose but I certainly know he is the integral piece of a life that could not be lived without him. Thank you so much.

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