Purrsday Poetry: Cats are Royalty and Artistic Clowns by Deborah A. Bowman

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Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Deborah A. Bowman:


Peasants meet Queen Molly in her pearl and crystal crown

Cats are definitely the rulers of humanity
Their ancestry is ancient, but obscure
We see the guarded history they have endured
Through the ages and pages of royalty

Their dignified glances and rambunctious dances
Is but a small part of the feline personality
As they hide  in secret and dart out to prance
With a warrior’s stance or a clown’s parody

The beastly kitty dares you to compare
Their silly antics or regal stare
A study in contradiction, wicked and sweet
Full of emotion, artistry, the animal’s elite

The smallest kitten will attack the largest paws
The  little teeth, the sharp hooked claws
Subduing a rodent or a monstrous dog
Demanding we all bow and bend the knee
To Queen Molly, first of her name, Divine Royalty
Molly sheds her crown and becomes the clown.


Copyrighted 2015 by Deborah A. Bowman for Katzenworld.co.uk
Molly has granted permission for Katzenworld and www.bowmanauthor.com to use her images and poem

DEBORAH A. BOWMAN, stevens588@hotmail.com 
CEO: http://www.clasidconsultantspublishing.com

If you would like to enter your own poems for Purrsday Poetry don’t forget to email info@katzenworld.co.uk



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