Is Your Cat Bored? 3 Things to Look Out For

selective focus photography of Russian Blue cat

Cats are soulful, slender, and slightly crazy. Whether you’re a new cat owner or have years of experience, there are a few behaviour traits that people perhaps don’t talk about as much. First things first, cats do become bored easy. Yes, you heard it right. For all the people who get a cat because they think dogs require too much attention – cats need you as well. Granted, dogs sometimes require 24/7 company, and cats do like to do their own thing throughout the day.

Now you know that our feline friends need us a little more than you may have first thought – let’s look at the warning signs that they need some extra TLC.

Repetitive Behaviours

Look out for signs your cat is repetitively scratching the floor, walls, or even grooming themselves. Experts think repetitive behaviours are perhaps the number one sign your cat is bored. Some cats can even start to bite or chew their own fur and skin out of frustration – something that can lead to skin irritation or even infections.

Keep your cat happy and healthy by providing plenty of toys for stimulation and something like a climbing tower. Cats tend to snooze most of the day, so it’s typically the evening and night-time that they come alive. Engage with them during the hours you’re both awake, and provide them plenty of stimulation for the hours you’re not.

selective focus photography of Russian Blue cat

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Picking Fights With Other Pets

Sometimes you’ll see hilarious videos of cats randomly attacking other pets (especially unsuspecting dogs), and we lap up the entertainment. But behind the hilarity may be a cry for help, especially if the cat in question is doing it often. Indoor cats have a lot of pent up energy that turns into aggression towards other pets (or unsuspecting humans) – and it’s in a cats instinct to roam and explore.

So, why not slowly introduce outdoor life to your cat. Take them out on a lead in the garden first, ensuring they mark their scent and understand their home. Once this has been done a few times, you can set them free to explore the world. If this scares you, you could look at an outdoor cat enclosure. Click here for an idea for a Catio. They’re great for giving cats the chance to catch some rays or burn off some energy in a safe environment that’s different from their usual indoor dwelling.


We all overindulge from time to time, especially on a rainy, cosy Sunday evening when the box of chocolates or biscuit tin comes out. However, if you notice that your cat is overeating, it could actually be boredom eating. Fortunately, cats will stop eating once they’re fit to burst – but it can cause short term problems like an upset stomach and long term problems like weight gain.

Cure this boredom eating by making it a challenge. Tons of cat puzzle feeders encourage your cat to work for their food at an affordable price. It’ll keep them entertained for a while and help burn some of the built-up energy they may have. Indoor cats especially crave mental stimulation – so combining it with food will put you in their good books.

Cats are wonderful, sneaky, intelligent, snuggly animals that we need just as much as they need us – even if some of them are fiercely independent. Keeping them entertained is easy, and they are one of the most stress-free animals to own – especially outdoor cats. Keep your eye out for the signs that they may need more mental stimulation if you want them to live their best life.

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1 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Bored? 3 Things to Look Out For

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you. I noticed my Nicki cat wasn’t as snuggly, not jumping up on the bed to see me. Thinking she might have needed some cheering up, I bought her some catnip and toys. She is a lot happier now.

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