Purrsday Poetry: A Flake of Snow

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Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Bernie Colley.

A flake of snow

A cold wind blew and the first snow fell
as the kitten watched in awe
the dancing flakes had him in a spell
at the magic that he saw

His mother took him to the door
and they went outside
he caught a snowflake on his paw
and with delight he cried

Look at what I’ve caught he said
I’ll treasure this forever
his mother kissed him on the head
and told him he was clever

She led him back to the fire inside
then curled up there with him
and gazed at him with a mothers pride
as the fading light grew dim

Copyright @ Bernie Colley 2015

Poem by Bernie Colley

cat in snow
Photo Credit: iCatCare, their Christmas Cards are available here.

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