8 Best Christmas Gift for Cats & Their Human

Your cat is special. Therefore, not any kind of Christmas gift will do. She deserves the best cat gift you can think of. But, thinking about a cat gift could be overwhelming, especially if your kitty has been so good this year.

We are here to help. We’ve rounded up several cat-gift ideas to make it easier to think about and pick the purrfect Christmas gift for your cat. From inspiring and interactive pet toys to snazzy fashion, fancy accessories and practical cat-approved furniture, there is something in this cat Christmas gift guide for your kitty. Besides, all are affordable. So you can pick more than one!

If you’re blessed with the greatest gift this year – a new kitty – why not celebrate the occasion by picking the perfect Christmas cat name, too?!

Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash

A cute collar with a bow tie

Although any day is a celebration day, Christmas is not any time. Your cat deserves to feel and look fabulous. Nothing brings out the cute and innocent looks more than an elegant collar with a bow tie.

There is a variety of sizes, patterns, and colours, including flowers, stripes and shapes. So, you can pick one that matches your Christmas outfit. Plus, the collar is easy to put on and take off. Therefore, your cat will not only look fab but always have an identifier wherever you go.

Purrfect jingle bells cat gift

Toys are an excellent way to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated. But the toy has to be well-designed, interactive, and perfect for the season – so a recommendation goes a long way!

Do you want the sound of jingling bells to fill your home this holiday season? How about you let your feline buddy do it.

This Italian hand-made authentic rabbit fur cat toy will entice the hunter in your kitty. It is sure to keep her active and playing (or hunting) all day long. It has little bells stitched inside to trigger the cat’s interest and fill the room with lovely Christmassy sounds.

Don’t worry. Manufacturers use ethically sourced rabbit fur. So don’t worry about what happened to the Easter bunny.

A cat gift from the East

Gifts from the East have a special meaning during Christmas. This holiday season, you too can get a gift that reminds you of your fur baby from the East.

This angel’s eyes Persian yarn ball keyring is the purrfect gift this season. You can carry it along everywhere you go and steal glances to remind you about the cute angel-eyes of your kitty.

Christmas cat wrestler

Your cat may have a cat-wrestler, but adding another one can only mean more fun. The Christmas cat wrestler rhymes with the festive season. Whether your kitty has been naughty or nice, she deserves plenty of play, and this wrestler is an excellent choice.

Plus, to twist it, the Christmas cat wrestler comes with catnip or valerian. So you can be sure your feline buddy will not be bored when you have to step out this holiday season.

How about eggnog for your cat?

Everyone craves some eggnog during the festive season. As you think about different cocktails for your family and friends, we have the perfect “egg” gift for your cat.

The valerian or catnip fried egg cat toy will provide some breakfast fun for your cats. So, your cat won’t have to look at the entire family as they down some delicious eggs (or resort to naughty behaviour). She can have all the fun with her four fried egg cat gift toys.

A stocking full of cat-toys

If you still cannot make up your mind about which cat-toy to get for your cat, let Santa Claws do the job.

Get your cat a stocking full of goodies. Feline experts carefully select the cat gifts. You can be sure your feline buddy will stay entertained the entire season.

So, don’t bust your brains. Just pick a stocking packed with enticing and fun-filled cat toys.

Cat cushions

Christmas also happens to be a time of the year. Your cat would surely appreciate a cuddly cushion to keep her warm on those chilly winter nights.

But don’t pick one or two cushions. It is time to spoil the little fur baby. Pick a pack of 10 wildlife-themed cushions.

The catnip or valerian-spiced cushions are excellent to keep your cat enticed and warm. But don’t stop at that. Entice your cat some more by adding a rustling cushion (or two) spiced with valerian or catnip.

Scratching tree

A place to scratch and claw away could be all your cat needs this Christmas. There’s no better way to satisfy her urge to scratch than a fancy cat scratching tree cuff. A scratching tree for your cat this Christmas is not only excellent for her wellbeing. It will help keep your furniture, drapery and carpets in mint condition.

Even if you have one (or two) already, these scratching trees have dangling toys, and a bit of valerian or catnip will sweep her off her paws.

Photo by Piotr Musioł on Unsplash

Finally, don’t forget the tasty treats

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without festive foodie treats. So, besides the toys, fashion, furniture, and all other goodies, get your cat a bag full of healthy, tasty titbits.

With all these toys, she’ll be getting enough exercise to burn off the extra calories. But don’t overindulge your cat. She still needs someone to help keep her weight in check this holiday season.

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