Cats LOVE Grass

It’s true, cats do love grass. It’s good for them, it’s fun to nibble, and it helps get rid of hairballs. Here’s everything else you need to know about cat grass.

Did you know you could get grass specifically for your cat? That’s right. Our fuzzy feline friends are so happy chomping down on our houseplants, that someone had the great idea to bring that grass on indoors.

The feline desire to eat grass has long been a mysticism we know nothing about. Listen up and we will unravel the mysteries of why Mister Snooglumps loves grass so much, and how you can cater to this weird – but wholesome – snacking desire.

Cat Grass is a Real Thing

Firstly, we’re not making it up. Your cat loves eating grass so much that you can buy specific cat grass to treat the issue. Cat grass is usually wheat grass, just the same as you might find out in the wild. It’s native to the countries that cats are native to, meaning that they would have had access to it when they were untamed, wild, and free. Now that your little fluffykins is restricted to the four walls of your house, you need to be the provider of the grasses.

Yes, you read correctly, your cat can find wheatgrass outside. However, would you want to nibble on grass that every animal in a five-mile radius had peed all over? Would you still consider it healthy if the dogs in the neighborhood had chomped and slavered on it? No. And that’s why we grow our own, at home.

Why do Cats Love Cat Grass So Much?

There are numerous benefits to cats eating grass. Although local legends say that your cat enjoys shrubbery when it wants to vomit, evidence suggests that it has been a part of their diet since time immemorial. Cats eat grass because they always have, in fact, there are certain nutrients that our little omnivore buddies can only get through eating their vegetables.

But yes, it also makes them vomit up hairballs and parasites.

Wheatgrass is exceptionally good for us humans, and it contains the same vitamins and minerals for our cats. Cat grass can sometimes be other grasses, or a little mixture to help balance your kitty’s diet out. Oat grass, Ryegrass, and Barley grass might also be used. All of these can be found growing in the fields of Britain.

The nutritional benefits of cat grass include:

  • Iron, for new blood cells and DNA
  • Calcium, for healthy bones
  • Enzymes that aid in digestion
  • 17 different amino acids, which break down proteins.
  • Proteins themselves
  • Vitamins: A, C, E, K, and lots of Bs

So, wheatgrass-style-cat-grass is even healthy for humans if you fancy a munch.

Grow your Own at Home

One of the big benefits of cat grass is to your poor houseplants. IF your cats like a nibble, they will love having their own plants. People sell wheatgrass as a grow your own product with a tub of soil and the seeds provided. All you have to do is plant them and watch it grow.

Your cat will eat until it has satisfied its vitamin needs, and then it may or may not puke up on your couch. If it does throw, it’s just grass. This means they have taken the nutrients out of the grass and the cat used the rest to clear out furballs. Lovely. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Cats LOVE Grass

  1. franhunne4u says:

    “our little omnivore buddies”
    Typo? Cats are not omnivores. They are obligate carnivores. And I am sure, you know that as much as you love them. That can only have been a genuine mistake.

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