Kittens Born Two Different Times in Same Closet

A couple of years ago my friends’ cat Oreo gave birth to four kittens in my apartment closet. Time passed and these kittens were given up for adoption. One stayed a lovely female called Silky. She grew up and when she had five kittens she birthed them on the Fourth of July 2021 in the same closest where her mother at birthed her all that time ago, I wonder if she remembered, Of the new five kittens that were born two have been adopted and I have three who are called Boo Boo and Spooky both all black and Wild Thing in gray.


My journey through the world of cats and kittens has been a learning experience. A little over two years ago my friends had a lovely cat named Oreo. While she was still little she came upstairs since my friends live in the apartment below to visit me often. At that time my senior cat Sid, who was 13 got used to this little lovely creature coming to keep his Mama company.


Time went by and Oreo became pregnant. She knew my apartment was the one quiet place where she could safely keep her kittens. It so happened that one day she gave birth to four kittens in my closet. There was one girl and three boys.

To read the full story please click through to “The Circle of Life With Kittens.”



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