‘CATASTROPHE’: October Sees a Fifth More Cat Claims

  • On average, 430 insurance claims for cats are made every day of October
  • Dental treatment is the most common ailment 
  • Pet ownership rose from 41 percent of households to 59 per cent during lockdown

It isn’t just Halloween which is frightening for felines as October sees a spike in cat insurance claims compared to the average month, with 19 percent more made during October reveals new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance.

October sees one in 10 of every insurance claim for cats made during the month. On average each day of October sees over 430 claims.

The most common claims during October 2020 were for dental treatment (11 percent), lameness, wounds, growths, and hyperthyroidism (all four percent).

Over lockdown, the share of households in the UK owning a pet rose sharply from 41 percent to 59 percent. When looking specifically at cats, 27 percent of households – seven million – now own at least one.

Madeline Pike, Veterinary Nurse for Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: “Lockdown and working from home has encouraged many people to welcome a new pet into their lives, meaning there are a lot of new owners who perhaps don’t have much experience of caring for animals. As this was the most popular month for cat claims last year, we’re urging owners to take extra care this month and look out for any signs that their feline friend may be unwell. Some common symptoms to look out for include sudden mood changes, noticeable weight loss or gain, changes in appetite, and bad breath. If you notice any of these signs, it is always best to get your animal checked out by a professional.”

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