Lily’s Kitchen asks people to pledge # PeaceForPets and limit pets’ stress this Bonfire Night 

The pet brand is urging the public to only set off fireworks between 7-8pm to help nervous pets

  • Lily’s Kitchen starts petition for fireworks to only take place between 7-8pm on 5th November
  • Resident vet offers tips on how to comfort pets on Bonfire Night

This Bonfire Night, Lily’s Kitchen – the award-winning producer of proper food for pets – is urging the public to only light fireworks* between 7-8pm, in order to limit the stress caused for our wonderful woofers and fabulous felines.

Bonfire Night can be a traumatic evening for pets and pet parents alike, filled with sudden loud noises, startling bangs and frightening flashes. With public fireworks displays being cancelled in order to support ongoing public health efforts, this year is set to be one of the most disruptive yet; with fireworks being set off in gardens and driveways all over the country, all night long.

Whilst many of us might be looking forward a night of festivities, we also know that our four-legged friends won’t share the excitement. So, Lily’s Kitchen has started a petition urging the public to set off their whizz-bangs at the same time all over the country so that dogs and cats only have to endure one hour of nasty noises before they can go back to chewing shoes and purring on the sofa.

For those who want to go the extra mile, supermarkets have even started selling low-noise fireworks. But make sure to still light them between 7-8pm, as the bright flashes can still cause stress for pets.

If the public follows this advice then not only will the nation’s pets have a much more relaxing evening, but as a community we will be able to take a uniting moment (from the socially-distanced safety of our own gardens, of course!) to enjoy the biggest fireworks display Bonfire Night has ever seen.

To get on board and support our furry friends this Bonfire Night, the public can take the #PeaceForPets pledge and sign the petition here.

Lily’s Kitchen’s resident vet – Rodney Zasman – has also shared his top tips on how to keep pets happy this Bonfire Night.

Create a den

  • Build a warm and cosy space filled with your pet’s favourite toys, chews and snacks so that they have somewhere to hide whilst the fireworks fly outside. Lily’s Kitchen’s Bedtime Biscuits contain soothing ingredients that are the perfect treat for Bonfire Night and will be great to give pups whilst in their safety den. And if your dog is especially nervous, plug a pheromone diffuser into the same room that will help calm the nerves.

Break the routine

  • Whilst we would usually recommend keeping to a regular schedule, cats and dogs should be fed early on Bonfire Night, and make sure to take pups out for a walk while it’s still bright and before the bangs begin!

Stay inside

  • Whilst it might be an obvious tip, make sure to keep all doors and windows closed so that pets are kept safely inside! Close the curtains, turn on the lights and play your pet’s favourite music to drown out the noise as best you can.

Personalise your pet’s collar

  • This is a great chance to jazz up your pet’s collar and get them a shiny new, engraved one. And if your pet hasn’t been microchipped, now is the time to organise it so that you know where your pet is if they get spooked and run off.

Introduce them to the big bangs

  • Whilst owners might find the crackle and pop of fireworks exciting, they can be a bit scary for pets who don’t know what they are! In the days and weeks leading up to Bonfire Night, show your pet some firework recordings so that they know there’s nothing to be worried about.


  • Like they always say, pets are like their owners; so if you stay relaxed your pet will too. Play with your pet if they come with you for cuddles, but they might want to stay in the safety of their little hideaway you have created! And never tell them off if they’re whining, barking or meowing as this may increase their stress.

Take a chill pill (for extreme measures only!)

  • There are some dogs and cats that still exhibit extreme anxiety despite all you do, and as a last resort your vet will be able to prescribe the most suitable medication for your pet.

* Fireworks should only ever be lit outdoors under appropriate adult supervision, following all safety rules. Never approach a firework that has failed to light.

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