TEDxMileHigh and Morris Animal Foundation – Spreading big ideas together

DENVER 2021 – New ideas are needed more than ever, and through a collaboration with the producers of TEDxMileHigh, Morris Animal Foundation will be sharing new ideas focused on the science of animal health.

Through an initial series of 12 presentations, Morris Animal Foundation researchers conducting groundbreaking studies will be introduced to the global community. The collaboration will use the experience of TEDxMileHigh, one of the largest TEDx organizations around the world, with more than 100 million views of its videos.

“The strong alignment between the two organizations is what is driving our partnership,” said Carol Borchert, Chief Marketing Officer at Morris Animal Foundation. “Our mission to advance the science of animal health, and TEDxMileHigh’s expertise in spreading big ideas will help bring the work we do to a larger audience and increase awareness and understanding of the challenges facing our animal kin around the world.”

The producers of TEDxMileHigh will be working with each speaker to develop their story and message, as well as provide coaching and training on presentation style. For the speakers, the opportunity will help them share their work in an exciting way with a global audience and expand the impact of their research.

The first segments of the annual series are scheduled for this October. Featured speakers for the first year are:*

Free picture (Cat Veterinary Medicine) from https://torange.biz/fx/cat-veterinary-medicine-182820
  • Josh Stern, University of California, Davis – personalized feline medicine
  • Kate Hurley, University of California, Davis – improving the lives of shelter animals
  • Louisa Shobhini Ponnampalam, MareCet Research Organization  – dolphin communication in the noisy seas
  • Susan Kutz, University of Calgary – saving the muskoxen herds of the Arctic
  • Valerie McKenzie, University of Colorado, Boulder – existential threat to amphibians
  • Gregg Dean, Colorado State University – FIP research informing COVID-19 vaccines
  • Felix Duerr, Colorado State University – promise of gene therapy to treat osteoarthritis
  • Rod Page, Colorado State University – Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
  • Budhan Pukazhenthi, Smithsonian Institute – saving endangered species
  • Lauren Trepanier, University of Wisconsin – environmental toxins and cancer in dogs
  • Lauren Schnabel, North Carolina State University – new ways to treat infections in horses
  • Molly McCue, University of Minnesota – the threat of equine metabolic syndrome
    *As of August 2021

When finalized, times and dates of presentations will be found on both the Morris Animal Foundation and TEDxMileHigh websites.

About Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation’s mission is to bridge science and resources to advance the health of animals. Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, it is one of the largest nonprofit animal health research organizations in the world, funding more than $142 million in critical health studies across a broad range of species. Learn more at morrisanimalfoundation.org.

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