Cat behaviourist Leads Free Online Course for Cat Owners Looking to Litter Train

Every month, hundreds of people in the UK search for advice on how to train their kitty to use the litter box. Well, fear not, as help is at hand…
A new (and free) litter training class by All About Cats may be the purrrfect solution to all your litter box woes:
Led by Cat Behaviour and Retention Specialist, Dr. Rachel Geller (Ed.D), you’ll learn:
  • Which rooms of the house are ideal for a litter box (and which ones cats hate!)

  • Why privacy isn’t as important as you probably think it is

  • Which type of litter cats tend to like the most

  • What to do when nothing else is working

This class is appropriate for all kinds of cat parents, whether you’ve just adopted a new cat or have had cats for years and will help you to create a litter box situation that both you and your cat will love.
Doron Wolffberg, Founder of All About Cats has commented, ‘It can be any cat parent’s worst nightmare when your cat doesn’t take to a litter box. Though litter box aversion and inappropriate elimination can be a stressful time for you, it’s probably an indicator that your cat is experiencing some form of distress. In fact, inappropriate elimination is the number one reason given when cats are relinquished to shelters. The class, led by Dr. Rachel Geller will help you to avoid the most common litter box mistakes and ensure litter box bliss for your cat. This type of education can keep more cats from being returned to shelters or being abandoned.”
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