Keeping Your Cat Comfy in Their Twilight Years

We all know that as our cats age they begin to change, just like us. Once they reach their elderly years – generally from age 12 onwards – they need a different kind of care to suit their slightly more restful and tender nature.

First things first, if you notice any changes in your cat’s health, you should take a trip to your vet. They’re there to help and will be able to offer some great advice in looking after your pet.

Food and Water

Older cats need a little bit more help when it comes to food and drink. Be sure to keep a number of water bowls throughout the house. This means your pet will never have to go far or struggle for something to drink.

When it comes to food, little and often is the way to go. Cats can start to lose their appetite as they age, so they might find bigger meals a bit daunting. They can also start to lose their sense of smell. Heating the food will make it much easier for them to smell it and encourage them to eat.


You’ll have to take up some increased grooming duties at some point. A cat can struggle to look after their coast as they age, which means you’ll have to invest in a soft brush to give them a hand.

You’ll need to be careful when giving them a brush though. Keep an eye on your cat’s movement in case they give any indication of a body part being sore or painful. You should also keep an on the length of their claws as elderly cats find it more difficult to scratch them down to a healthy level.

Keeping favourite perches safe

All cats have got their favourite spots to sit, relax, and watch the world go by in. Trouble is they often like places high up which can cause difficulties for the less agile cat in your life.

Where possible, make your pet’s favourite spots a bit more accessible. It can be as simple as using a box as an extra step, up to including a ramp to their top spots. It’s also worth putting down soft items as crash mats in case of any unfortunate falls.

Litter Trays

Your cat may have toileted outside its whole life, but this might change as they get older. Colder and wetter weather may put them off leaving the house, so it’s important to put a few litter trays around your home.

If your cat is still braving the outside world though, try and create a fresh dug up border as near as possible to your house so they don’t have to venture far off.

We can’t cover everything in this piece unfortunately, but for lots more information and advice please check out this Elderly Cats guide. Your little old-timer will appreciate it

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