Feline Pancytopenia – Senior Vet Advises on Symptoms to Look out for

‘Withdrawal and lethargy’ key signs of deadly cat condition with a possible link to food

Senior Veterinary Advisor at Agria Pet Insurance advises cat owners on signs of Feline Pancytopenia

A current recall of some cat food brands is in place due to a possible link to the condition Feline Pancytopenia. Affected cats present with a very low red and white blood cell count, which can lead to anaemia and serious infections. To date,

Senior Veterinary Advisor for Agria Pet Insurance, Robin Hargreaves, advises,

“The signs that cat owners may see with Feline Pancytopenia are symptoms that would always warrant an owner to take their cat to the vet. These changes are significant and centre around:

–       Changes in appetite

    • Being off their food
    • Not eating at all

–       Reduction in levels of activity

    • Tiredness
    • Lethargy
    • Not playing or interacting as usual

“The tiredness and lethargy associated with Feline Pancytopenia is caused by anaemia, which is one of the key signs of the disease.

“Affected cats are unlikely to be in any pain, so won’t seem distressed, but rather will be quiet and withdrawn – so look out for this.

“These are the kinds of symptoms that owners may, under usual circumstances, sit-out for 24 hours to see if they worsen or improve. However, if your cat has eaten any of the foods concerned and is showing any of these symptoms, don’t wait – contact your vet immediately.”

The affected brands are listed here. If you have been feeding your cat on any of these foods, stop doing so immediately.

Further advice and the latest updates for owners and veterinary professionals can be found on the Royal Veterinary College website.

This article can be found here.

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