A Complete Cat Adoption Checklist

Are you thinking of adopting a cat? That’s a great idea! Even if you want to add to your litter, we love it when you pick a feline to be your next best friend. But before we all jump in excitement and throw a cat party, are you ready for your new housemate? Where is she going to sleep? Does she have a bathroom? How about food? At Katzenworld we are here to help you. Here is a checklist to help you get ready for your new furry friend.

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A place of her own

You may want to spend the rest of your nights cuddling with kitty, and that’s fine. But there will be nights when you just want to lie in bed alone, or the kitty wants to do the same. Or when you are away from home and the kitty wants to enjoy an afternoon siesta. Your bed would be too big to be comfortable for her to lie there alone.

Consider buying a cat bed fit for your new friend.

Cats like lounging in hidden places, often high up. Where they can get an aerial view of the entire room. A cave-like cat lounge, along with a cat tree would make her feel perfectly at home.

Her little bathroom

A cat bed and cat tree would make the kitty feel safe. However, there’s a little matter to address. Kitty has to go to the potty. You don’t want to find cat litter in all the wrong places. So make plans for a special place for her to be potty.

Fortunately, cats can do it indoors in a litter box. They don’t have to go outside. But not any box will do. Some have high edges, others are too small, or have narrow entries. The cat would find it uncomfortable to use the litter box.

Lolcats advises our readers to get a litter box that is easy to access and big enough for the cat to move while inside. That way, the kitty does not feel trapped. If it has to be in plain view, look for a litter box that would contain the smell effectively while not inconveniencing the cat.

Along with the litter box, you should get a litter mat and a scoop or a sweeper.


Cats can eat some parts of a pizza, but they do not like the crust. They may seem to enjoy the cheese and other meaty parts. But pizza is not proper nutrition. Besides, kitty could gobble up some toppings or seasonings that could be harmful.

So, stock up on proper cat food and treats before the kitty gets home.

Take into consideration the age and nutrition needs of the cat. Kittens thrive on wet foods while adults relish dry foods. Consult a vet if the cat requires a special diet or has been relying on a specific formula at the shelter

When you think about food, also consider food and water bowls. Ceramic and stainless steel bowls are by far the most popular. You will find a variety of products in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Do not use plastic bowls. The cat could develop a chin rash due to the plastic. Softer plastic also scratches easily and would be a labyrinth of bacteria. So stay away from plastic.

If you are not a stay-at-home pet parent, consider an automatic pet food dispenser and water dispenser. Besides keeping the house tidy, these food and water dispensers will keep the kitty’s brain sharp and alert.

Play toys and scratch

If you already have a cat tree and cat lounge, you are several steps ahead in giving her a fabulous time. Make her joy complete by adding to her leisure items, a scratching post, and a couple of toys.

They will keep the cat busy, are great for paw and claw health, and your furniture will last longer.

Start with simple toys like a wand toy. It triggers the hunter’s instincts, and she loves it. No cat can resist the allure of a wand toy. Running around after toys, climbing, and scratching also helps cats to exercise.

Grooming the fur, the claws, and the teeth

Unless you plan on having a professional pet groomer coming by each time the cat needs to groom, have a grooming kit handy. It should have a fine-toothed comb, a pin brush with a rubber handle, and a cat-designed nail clipper.

Start grooming while the kitty is still young. It gets easier as she grows older.

Photo by Kishore Ragav Ganesh Kumar on Unsplash

Finally, get appropriate travel items

If you have ticked all items on this list, it’s time to get your kitty friend. But just before you do, think about how you will move around with her. Don’t attempt to transport the cat without a cat carrier. She could jump out of the car and straight into oncoming traffic.

Pass by the vet and get a simple cardboard carrier for her maiden trip. You could also get a cat collar and book an appointment for her while you are at it.

A cardboard carrier will work just fine and help you transport kitty from one place to another. But it will not last long. So make plans to replace it with a sturdier carrier that will serve you for many months.

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