Purrsday Poetry: Feline Mystery

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Please find below the latest entry in our Purrsday Poetry section by Kim M. Russell:

Feline Mystery

Sometimes, the mystery of a cat lies
in the luminescence of its eyes,
the blue, green or amber sparks
as it finds its way home in the dark.
At other times, it’s the touch of a whisker
as it passes by without a whisper.

Through an open window, there’s a whisper
of leaves in the willow, under which lies
my fastidious cat, cleaning her whiskers.
The green of the leaves reflects in her eyes
and a flicker of sunlight invades the dark
shadows, igniting her fur with a spark.

Sometimes, we catch a glimpse of their sparks,
their feline souls, when they purr and we whisper,
soothing in the tranquillity of the dark.
We delight in the warmth of a cat as it lies
in our lap, the glow of the stare from its eyes,
and the contented quiver of its whisker.

In the middle of a dream, I’m woken by a whisker
tickling my face. I’m greeted by a spark
from a pair of luminous, unblinking eyes,
a velvet nose and a gentle whisper
of a purr that never tells me lies
or makes empty promises in the dark.

Sometimes, a cat crosses the street in the dark
and is missed by a vehicle, just by a whisker.
We’re grateful when we see that it lies
under a streetlight, lit by a spark
of luck, one of its nine lives. We whisper
our thanks, with tears in our eyes.

My cats are true friends, in my eyes;
they brighten my life whenever it’s dark
and come to me when I call or whisper,
with never a twitch of an ear or a whisker.
In my heart, my cats have ignited a spark
that burns with a love that never lies.

With their beautiful eyes and sensitive whiskers,
defying the dark and igniting a spark,
cats whisper love and never tell lies.

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