The Cats of Ireland

Cats are such mysterious, quirky creatures, it’s no wonder that we lovers of all things feline find ourselves compelled to unearth every tidbit of info we can about them. The world over, we want to know what’s going on in their fuzzy little brains and why they do the adorable things they do. Tales of famous cats from history and the notable kitties of today capture our imagination, and luckily there’s no end to the stories of these fascinating furry friends.

Why, even if you focus on the tiny little Emerald Isle of Ireland, the trivia, fables and true stories of cats abound. You might not have heard, but Ireland and cats have a connection that stretches back to the mist-veiled era before recorded history. Tracking down all of these facts and fabulous tales might take you *tamall fada* (that’s ‘a long time’ in Irish), but lucky for you there is a neat little tome available now for all of your Gaelic kitty info needs.

The Cats of Ireland: An Irish Gift for Cat Lovers, with Legends, Tales, and Trivia Galore by Seamus Mullarkey dives deep into Irish lore and legend to bring you cat adventures, fun facts, and cat stories galore. It’s purrrrfect for satisfying your own hunger for knowledge kibble, and if you’d like a gift for the cat lover in your life, look no further!

History buffs will learn about the famous castle of nine cats, nestled on a promontory above Belfast. For those with an interest in cultivating good luck, the superstitions of cats by land and sea help you avoid tempting fate! And when it comes to furry royalty, look no further than the tale of the King of the Cats.

And what would a book on Ireland be without a healthy helping of tipple related trivia! The Irish love of drinking is known far and wide, and if you thought cats could escape a connection to that history of alcohol in Ireland, well perhaps you’re the one who’s a little tipsy. Learn about the distillery cats who protect the precious grains that go into your rich, dark pint of Guinness. And who doesn’t love a contented kitty, curled up on the hearth of a cozy Irish pub, keeping an eye on their subjects, er, patrons.

Speaking of those who frequent those fine drinking establishments, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that many an Irish literary legend had a fondness for felines that matched their love of a good lager! Why, some have even penned a poem or two in celebration of that most noble, mysterious of creatures, the domesticated cat.

Of course, anyone who shares a home with a moggy knows they are domesticated in only the loosest of senses. A cat’s heart remains forever wild, just like the spirit of the Irish! It’s no wonder the two have developed a deep affinity throughout the ages!

So if you seek a fine gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, the anniversary of your beloved kitty’s adoption, or dare I say it, St. Patrick’s Day, The Cats of Ireland: An Irish Gift for Cat Lovers, with Legends, Tales, and Trivia Galore by Seamus Mullarkey is indeed the cat’s meow. This intriguing little book is for sale on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “The Cats of Ireland

  1. catladymac says:

    With an author named “Seamus Mallarkey” we had to look this up on Amazon – but there it was so we ordered it ! Purrs,

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