The Ten Cats Cartoons by Graham Harrop

Ten abandoned cats live in an old warehouse where they are looked after by a young girl named Annie. The cats include Chesney, the ginger ringleader, his b&w sidekick Jack – still on the lam from the shelter – and wide-eyed grey kitten Oliver, the irascible Lily, CFO Mr. Hollingsworth, and more…. Unbeknownst to Annie, the cats are involved in various revenue-generating schemes such as radio station K-ATZ, a gambling den for dogs (no dogs allowed), Cats’ Inn, and a plot to force birds to buy pilots’ licenses…. The warehouse has a secret boardroom on the very top floor where the world’s business is conducted under the auspices of the moggies.

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Graham Harrop draws the award-winning, daily online comic strip and is also a Vancouver Sun editorial cartoonist. His cartoon feature BackBench ran daily in The Globe and Mail for more than two decades. His cartoon collections have been published by HarperCollins, Ronsdale Press and Gryndstone & Fusspot Press. Graham also creates the little “inklings’ daily calendar at

“Let you in on a little secret. I’m Annie, from the comic strip. Not many people know that, outside of family and – well – the now-famous warehouse. Of course, I’m all grown up now, no longer the little girl who looks after the ten needy cartoon kitties…. But the cats are mostly very real and current.

Chesney is very real – family name of Magellan after the intrepid explorer. The real Jack is in fact also a ginger. He became black and white to bypass any identity challenges. Oliver is Oliver – exactly! He never arrives in the room without
an exclamation point right behind him! Lily is actually an elderly calico named Jade, and may not be talked about
except in reverential tones, so none of that here. Sadly, dear little JellyBean and Bluebell (my beautiful white Bond) have passed on, and so I couldn’t get a waiver to show their photos. But here are some of the others from the silent Woof to the Chairman of the Board, the one and only Chesney J. Puddifoot. My hero. – Annie B.

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2 thoughts on “The Ten Cats Cartoons by Graham Harrop

  1. catladymac says:

    We love the Ten Cats comic and have read it on GoComics for several years now. Somehow we are not surprised to find that Lily is based on a calico named Jade !

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