Cat Gadgets: Gizmos That Are Totally the Cat’s Meow

We love to pamper our pets. While spending as much time bonding with them is of utmost importance, there will come a time when you will need a helping hand. Your adorable little kitty may seem all cute and harmless when in fact, they are a bunch of adorable well-adapted, meat-loving hunters that crave a great hunt.

As pets, their need to pursue food has been completely negated, making cat gadgets essential for feline lovers. These gizmos help simulate what is supposed to be a hunting experience in a more secure and conducive environment that can keep your furry friend safe, fed, and adequately exercised.

In this article, we came up with a comprehensive list of the most amazing gadgets designed to make a few of your fur-parent responsibilities not just convenient but also automated.

The Top Must-Have Gadgets for Your Cat

Lacking a suitable toy, your cat may turn to its undomesticated nature and start venting on your clothes, footwear, and furniture. Instead of helplessly watching them scratch and chew on your things for a release, it is way better to simply provide them with these awesome widgets that can help make your pet-owner relationship less challenging, more affectionate, and loving.

PetSafe Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

No question, playing with cats is so much fun, at least until the time to scoop out the litter box has come. These innovative litter boxes are designed to get rid of the mess periodically or even after every use, taking care of such a dirty job with ease and consistency. Several models notify the owner when the drawer becomes full, before emptying into a bag-lined carbon filter waste tray.

This remarkable device guarantees to provide both you and your cat with a convenient litter-free life without having to do any messy and uncomfortable litter-induced activity. Relatively easy to clean, cat litter may at times get stuck on the rake which may require several clean-ups daily but can be effortlessly removed by spraying it down with water, making cleaning up your cat’s business quick and easy altogether.

SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser Toy

There is something about those dancing red dots that are deemed irresistible by cats. Although cats would most of the time just lay around the house, they are actually very playful pets. These automated laser toys make for the perfect gadget that will not only brighten up your pet’s day but also keep your furry little companion active and healthy.

This white hexagon-shaped option can be used on the floor to make patterns on the walls, or you can place it on a table to have your cat chasing the laser on the floor. Along with multiple speed settings, adjustable timers, and a plethora of play patterns, this incredibly engaging cat toy will keep your whiskered playmate behaved and entertained

Most models are motion-activated, switching off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity, lengthening its rechargeable battery’s life. This fascinating toy offers several speed options and can be installed in various locations such as windows, closets, and walls, greatly showcasing its awesome flexibility.

iCalmCat Battery-Operated Portable Speakers

Much like infants, cats’ attraction to music develops at a young age. But unlike our babies, they establish their sense of music and sounds outside the womb. By playing songs simplified and rearranged for pets, as well as sounds that resemble chirping birds and other natural tones, you create an environment that keeps your pet feeling contented, safe, and relaxed.

CATIT Senses Compact Water Fountain

Cats don’t feel the need to drink as much as we do but encouraging them to take in liquid saves them from health issues such as bladder stones, urethral blockages, and dehydration. Also, some cats are not comfortable having their water right next to their food, which is why it is better to keep their solid food and their liquids separated. Feeding them wet food highly affects their intake.

By providing your feline friends with an individual water source, you are making certain of their good health and well-being. This super cute flower-shaped water fountain from CATIT is perfect for keeping your kitties hydrated and intrigued.

The Little Cat Exercise Wheel

For housebound kitties, making sure that they get enough, and proper exercise is essential in adding years to their life. While prancing from one piece of furniture to another really wouldn’t make any difference, contraptions such as this rotary cat walker inspired by traditional hamster wheels are designed to promote your cat’s health.

Although coaxing a lazy cat to at least check it out won’t be easy, this cat gadget made available in a variety of colors is cleverly crafted with a built-in laser to get your feline struttin’ and profilin’ in no time.

PetCube Play 2 Security Camera

Setting up a security camera enables you to keep watch of your pet when they are left home alone. Not only does it provide you with some sort of peace of mind, but it also gives you an insight into your pet’s behavior whenever you are not around.

Aleko Electric Thermo-Pad Heated Pet Bed

It is no secret that aside from those monstrous saber-toothed tigers, cats enjoy the heat, and they would greatly appreciate the additional warmth provided by a heated bed. Along with an electrical cord advertised as highly durable and chew-resistant, this cat gadget will get your kitty purring in comfort and style.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

Like most of us, mealtimes are probably your pet’s favorite few minutes of the day. However, there will be days when you won’t be home in time to prepare them a delectable meal. An automatic feeder allows you to serve your cat its meal in the amount you desire at your preferred time. Simply place your pet’s dry food, key in your choice options, and feel the freedom from this daunting task, at least until your feeder runs out.

With a plethora of accessible memes and videos, we are convinced that cats have hands-down won over the internet. However, they remain to play second fiddle in the race to what pet is regarded as man’s best friend. As more cat-friendly gadgets become easily accessible, it has never been this easy to make these temperamental loners happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Feature image credit: WikiMedia

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