Learning To Interpret Your Cat’s Language

Have you ever wondered why your cat has a behavioral problem? Cat behavior is perceived as rather illusive for most people, because cats are so mysterious in many ways, but also beautiful and magical creatures. Deciphering a particular behavior in a cat can be very challenging. And as with human behavior, sometimes there are several explanations and certainly several reasons for the poor behavior. Cats experience and express a wide range of emotions and feelings such as, for example, fear, pleasure, joy, hunger, frustration and other various emotions that affect the cat and how he/she behaves.

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Some behaviors, even the most common ones, are not very understood by many people and this unclear communication can impair the cat’s quality of life and the development of behavioral problems. Fortunately, most of the problems can be solved and it all starts with clearer communication from both sides. When a cat is suffering with a certain issue, it may start to play up, a little like a baby would. For example they could have health trouble or even something such as fleas; and in this case, you may want to look at a flea collar. Cats should get their regular check ups and you should ensure that they look happy and healthy.

Let’s say you’ve got your first kitten, let’s call him Felix! Felix will need to learn about his territory and play and develop just like any other pet would. They need a safe and comfortable environment. Although sometimes, their development may be problematic. So let’s take each problem step by step so that you can learn to understand what it all means.


There are several reasons why cats rub their nails and scratch things. It is a way for them to mark their territory and strengthen their nails. If you want your cat to stop scratching on furniture, you should first provide him with a very attractive alternative to furniture and then teach him only positive methods to use the new nail sanding device you have purchased. It is very important that the cat be able to use its claws because it is part of their DNA and therefore it’s quite an important habit. So utilise the things available from pet stores and online.


Cats that chew objects and other belongings at home, may do it out of boredom and frustration. It is important to understand that cats, by virtue of being hunters, must use their teeth and nails often. Kittens that bite a lot, do this as part of their natural developmental stages as puppies. At the same time, if we do not provide the cat that lives in the house with options for hunting through games, food, he will try to find solutions for himself. Chewing is a genetic need and not a treat. Don’t see this as a negative, so provide them with something that will assist.

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If your cat chews objects at home, look for the cause first as we have just mentioned. Make sure their diet is high quality and varied, make sure he likes his food. Enrich this further with more activity and games, because most of this behavior is due to boredom and frustration.

Out-of-the-box needs

Cats can develop various problems with their needs. Urinary tract infections, bladder stones, even tumors. Other factors can also cause your cat to defecate outside their crate. Problems between cats at home and quarrels can also cause problems with the litter box also. In order to take care of the matter and get the cat to use the designated litter box again, you must first diagnose the situation and understand exactly what is causing this behavior. Once we understand what is causing the behavior, it will be possible to solve the problem. Some cats may have complex needs, especially if you have adopted them and they have been part of another family, or even found abused. You can look at some help articles to ensure that you are tackling the problem effectively.

A very common mistake that people tend to make is related to the issue of the cats’ litter box – and cleaning it too infrequently. This may cause the cat to have to look elsewhere and you will actually find yourself cleaning needs from the rug or blanket through no fault of the cat. After all. Cats are very clean animals, with a very developed sense of smell, which means that even in nature, the cat will not defecate in the exact same place it did in the morning and yesterday and two days ago… but will look for a clean place that will not smell and endanger itself. At home, the cat is 100% dependent on us, so it is our job to allow him to defecate in a crate that is clean of residue, free of unpleasant odors and is not dirty.


Cats can react aggressively towards another cat in the home or towards a family member and this is a difficult problem. The cause of aggression can be stress, or a health problem that causes pain. There is a long list of reasons for aggressive behavior, so even in this case, we will first make a classification, we will understand what exactly the reason is. How to treat behavioral problems in cats? The first step on the way to solving behavioral problems is to go to the vet and rule out a medical problem. If you think your cat is feeling a little unwell or you see that his behavior is different than before, see a veterinarian. Once you have done that you can start examining the behavioral aspect with the same thoroughness and devoting the proper attention to it with a cat behavior consultant to solve the problem correctly and professionally.

Having a cat is a lovely thing and can be great for the entire family. They take care of themselves more often than not and can be a good companion. But once you can break down their patterns and behaviours, you will find things run very smoothly!

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    Scratching – It would be more useful to describe what using a scratching post does , what height, construction, material (carpet vs sisal, etc), base size (for stability) relative to height and more importantly why.

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