Have you Bitten off More Than you can Chew With Your pet? Mayhew’s Brand new Advice hub is Here to Lend our Suppawt!

Please find below some news from our friends at Mayhew:

For over 135 years, our team of in-house experts have been there for dogs, cats and communities in need.

This year, we’ve taken all of our combined knowledge and expertise and created a brand new online advice hub, sharing information and tips on everything from how to get your home ready for your new dog or cat, to training techniques and enrichment ideas from our kennels and cattery staff, and health care pointers from our veterinary team.

  • The hub is aimed at being a ‘one stop shop’ for pet owners and prospective pet owners all across the country, widening our ability to help and support people from our London base.
  • For the first time, the years of veterinary, behavioural and legal advice and the breadth of our expertise will be fully searchable in one dedicated space, making it easier than ever for animal lovers to find an answer to any question they may have.
  • We will also continue working with our experts across the Home to create new content every month, with existing articles and Q&A’s already focusing on a wide range of topics including how to choose pet insurance, keeping indoor and outdoor cats safe and healthy, canine separation anxiety, and travelling with your pet after Brexit.

With pet owners now able to easily access trusted guidance from the comfort of their own homes, we are confident that our advice hub will improve animal welfare, and enable more animals to remain happy and healthy with their loving families.

Justin Ainsworth, Head Vet, said this morning “”We are pleased to be able to reach even more pets and pet owners through our new online advice hub, which we hope will help animals and people all over the country. In the hub you’ll find veterinary advice, behavioural support, enrichment tricks and fun ideas for your pet’s playtime all at your fingertips, and we’ll be adding more content every month.”

Whilst we hope that the advice we share will indeed make a positive difference to cats, dogs, individuals and communities, we also acknowledge that it should only form the first step taken in your research, and we recommend making a follow up appointment with your own vet or animal behaviourist to discuss any specific concerns about your pet.

Mayhew receives no government funding for any of our work, and so relies entirely on generous donations from the public to run our services, including this hub. To make a one off donation or read more about the ways you can support us, please visit our main website here.

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1 thoughts on “Have you Bitten off More Than you can Chew With Your pet? Mayhew’s Brand new Advice hub is Here to Lend our Suppawt!

  1. floridaborne says:

    This is a great idea.

    I have a bull-dane, very loving and very obstinate. She had been taken back to the animal shelter 3 times. She insisted she was going to do what she wanted. It reminded me of foster care syndrome. just couldn’t take her back to the pound.

    She loves sleeping on the bed with me and once we bonded she was more willing to cooperate. Sometimes the most difficult pets end up to be the most loving.

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