Infographic: 10 Health Benefits of cat Ownership for National Cat Lady Day, April 19

It’s no secret that we believe cats make the world go round. But there are still some naysayers who might believe cat lovers, cat people, and cat ladies are — as the stereotypes go — a little “crazy.”

There were once even some science-backed theories surrounding this, including regarding toxoplasmosis, an infection associated with mental and behavioral syndromes in humans that’s caused by a parasite found in cat feces. Fear not, cat lovers, because this and so many other “crazy cat lady” stereotypes and cat myths have been debunked since.

In fact, research increasingly shows that felines positively affect our well-being. For starters, there are benefits of bringing your cat to work and a pet’s affection can even break us out of those moments when we’re feeling blue. There’s never been a better time than the present to embrace being a cat lady. There’s even a U.S. holiday committed to it: National Cat Lady Day is on April 19.

In the lead up to that, Honest Paws compiled more of these health benefits of cat ownership and illustrated a few modern-day cat ladies who’ve relished in them. It’s all pared down into the infographic below. Scroll through and, go on, embrace that our furry friends make the world go round!

an infographic detailing what it means to be a modern-day cat lady and famous cat ladies including Taylor Swift, Eleanor Abernathy, Jonathan Van Ness, Angela Martin, Martha Stewart, Catwoman, Elisabeth Moss, and Katy Perry

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