10 Essential Items You Need Before Adopting a Cat

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Kittens are funny, playful, and seriously cute, so it’s no surprise that they make popular pets. Cats are the ideal pet for a busy family that might not have much time to dedicate to a pet like a dog that will often require more attention and daily walking. Most cats are quite happy to be left to their own devices as long, as they have everything that they need and you spend some time playing and bonding with them each day. If you’re adopting a cat or kitten, here are ten essentials you need to get started.

Cat Food and Feeding Accessories:

Making sure that your cat eats a healthy and nutritious diet is a key part of being a responsible pet owner. If you are adopting an adult cat, ask about the food that they are used to eating since many cats like to eat a certain type of food and can be quite fussy. If you are getting a kitten, make sure that you feed them food that is designed for growing kittens. Never give cats milk as they are lactose intolerant. However, you can buy special cat milk from a pet shop. Comparing products has never been easier if you’re looking for a regular online cat food delivery service – or any other service!

Litter Box:

The litter box is where your cat will be doing her business, so this is one of the first things that you should get. Choose a litter box depending on whether you are getting a cat or a kitten. Smaller litter boxes or trays are ideal for small kittens and you can get special, sensitive litter for them. Older cats might prefer a covered litter box that offers more privacy, while some don’t like getting inside one and will benefit from a tray instead. If you’re adopting a cat from a shelter or the previous owner, check the kind of litter box and litter that they are used to.

Cat Scratchers:

Cats love to scratch and they have a natural instinct to do it, so save your furniture by making sure that your cat has plenty of scratching posts and scratching mats around the home just for them.


Toys are essential for bonding with your cat or kitten and will encourage them to move and exercise if they are an indoor cat. There are plenty of toys that your cat will love playing with from dangling mice that you can play games with to laser pointers to spend hours chasing.

A Cat Bed:

Many cats are a little nervous and apprehensive when you first bring them home, so give your cat his own space with a cozy bed to get used to his new environment. After a while, he might prefer to sleep on your feet, but most cats appreciate having their own space too.

Perches or a Cat Tree:

Cats often feel safer when they have somewhere high up to perch, which is why so many of them end up getting stuck up trees. Cat trees for your home are a tiered system of platforms that your cat can relax on. Many come with huts that your cat can get into to hide or toys that they can play with.

A Collar and ID Tag:

Even if you are planning for your cat to be an indoor pet, it is good to get them a collar and ID tag as some can be the masters of escape. Taking your cat to the vet to have them microchipped is also essential since this will help to quickly identify you as the owner if your cat gets lost.

Flea Spot-On Solution:

Cats can easily pick up fleas in their fur, so it’s important to use a spot-on flea solution on a regular basis to prevent infestation. You can get this from your vet or a reputable pet shop.

A Cat Carrier:

Chances are you will need to take your cat to the vet or use a carrier to transport them if you are moving house or taking them to a pet sitter while you are on vacation. A cat carrier should be one of the first things that you buy, as you will need it to bring your cat or kitten home with you on their first day. Choose a carrier that is comfortable, warm, and allows your cat to see outside.

Grooming Supplies:

Depending on the type of cat that you adopt, you may need different grooming supplies. Long-haired cats will need more brushing and grooming compared to short-haired breeds that need very little maintenance. Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed is ideal if they live indoors to protect your furniture and carpet, but cats that go outside should have longer claws since they may need them for protection. You can get specially designed clippers for cat claws. To trim them, push down on the paw pads and clip the claw before the quick.

Before bringing your new feline friend home, make sure that you have all these essentials ready to ensure that they have the best start.

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1 thoughts on “10 Essential Items You Need Before Adopting a Cat

  1. franhunne4u says:

    I’d even go so far to recommend TWO litter boxes. One for number poo and one for the puddles. Because cats are known to not liking to do one in the same box as the other. For two cats that means at least three litter boxes, btw. A good way of limiting your cat population in your home, too – some time you run out of places for litter boxes.

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