7 Reasons to Have a Cat

Pets have a way of bringing immense wonder and joy into your life. What many people don’t realize is that cats are often one of the best options. Not only do they offer affection, comfort and companionship, but they can also suit a variety of lifestyles. If you are looking for the perfect pet, here are 7 reasons why you should adopt a cat.

1.     Independence and Autonomy

While cats will be reliant on you for their care, there are much more autonomous than many other animals. Because they are self-sufficient, you can leave food, water and litter out for them, and leave them for longer periods than many other common household pets. Even when you go away for long trips like all-inclusive cruises, your cat will require far less care and fewer visits from a pet sitter than a dog. With a cat, you don’t have to sacrifice your freedom while you enjoy the company of your cuddly companion.

2.     Litter Box Training

Similar to their independence, cats do not require your time or attention to do their business. If your kitty needs to use the facilities, they can see to this themselves. While you will need to clean out their litter box frequently and do a deep clean periodically, you will not find yourself struggling through the elements at the wee hours of the morning when they need to go potty. Litter training is not something that tiny kittens know how to do; however, because of their instincts, they are often very quickly litterbox trained.

3.     Health Benefits

While most cats don’t go on leashed walks like dogs, there are still numerous health benefits to cat ownership. Everything from lowering your blood pressure to offering emotional support or the comfort of companionship, cats can have wondrous influences on your health. You may not realize it, and yet, cat ownership may end up improving your quality of life significantly.

4.     Cuddles

When you are feeling down or just a bit lonely, there is nothing like the cuddles of your kitty companion to improve your mood. While cats often do not cuddle on cue, they are incredibly affectionate creatures, particularly with those they trust. You may be surprised by the calming effect and comfort that the cuddles of a kitty can bring to you.

5.     Entertainment

Cats make great companions and they can offer endless hours of entertainment. Watching your cat interpret and interact with the world around them can be an amusement that you never knew that you needed. Everything from the joy of a shipping box or a paper bag can leave them, and you amused for hours on end.

6.     Laughter

As you enjoy the entertainment that your furry family member has to offer, there often comes widespread, stomach-heaving laughter. While you will likely watch them explore the world around them, the antics and shenanigans that they can often provide hilarity that is sure to leave you tickled. The joy and amusement that your cat can offer can have wondrous effects on your mental health as well.

7.     Responsibility

Pet ownership oftentimes produces the outcome of teaching responsibility as you learn to care for another being. While you may not have intended for this outcome, adopting a pet inherently teaches you about caring for others and the importance of accountability. While this is a valuable reason to adopt a cat, you should never adopt a pet before you are ready. You must be emotionally, financially, and mentally ready for the weighty task of caring for your furry family member. If you feel that you aren’t ready, it is better to hold off until you are.

Cats are marvelous, cuddly, and often hilarious creatures that are sure to bring joy to your life. Even if you had not considered yourself a cat person before, you may be missing out on one of the best experiences. Don’t let yourself miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime when adopting a cat may be the best choice for you.

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