6 Simple Tips on How To Save Money on Cat Food

Your cat is a cherished part of your family, but the cost of feeding your feline may be a source of concern. Rising pet food prices and conflicting information about which brands are healthiest can make purchasing cat food a frustrating process. Cats are notoriously picky animals, and your cat may not consume a cheaper brand that you substituted for its typical food. Before you spend a lot experimenting with different low-cost brands, you can use the following tips to save money on cat food without upsetting your cat.

Veterinary Advice and Bulk Purchases

Although several pet food manufacturers spend millions on marketing their products, the only expert you should listen to about feeding your cat is an experienced veterinarian. After your cat is examined, ask the vet for feeding tips and brand suggestions. Mention any strange eating habits or conditions and inquire about the appropriate portion size for your cat’s age and weight. When you decide on a brand, try to buy your pet food in bulk. The big box stores or supercenters usually have cheaper pet food for brick-and-mortar operations, but online retailers have the best deals and allow you to purchase greater quantities. Whether you use an online company or pet store, you can join rewards programs to receive discounted food and gifts. Most rewards clubs are free to join and allow you to accumulate points with every purchase.


Clipping coupons from newspapers and sales ads will save you money on cat food, but online coupons often have higher discounts. Some companies allow you to stack their coupons together, but be sure to check for expiration dates. In addition to using coupon websites, you can visit pet food manufacturer websites and social media platforms. An industry leader like Purina will sometimes offer coupons when you visit its site and leave an email address. If the company has a blog or comment section, be sure to leave positive comments, and you may receive a discount or gift for your efforts. By following your cat’s favorite brand on social media, you can like the company to receive online coupons and special offers. For pet supplies and supplements, you can find excellent deals like nutra thrive for cats offers online.

Delivery Subscriptions

Struggling with big bags of bulk food is challenging, but you can have large cat food orders delivered to your doorstep by enrolling in a delivery service. In the past, you were limited to choosing between one or two companies for delivery subscriptions. Now, massive retailers like Amazon offer pet food delivery at competitive prices. Before choosing a company, do some research to find which service offers the best prices with free delivery. If you see an unbelievable price from an unfamiliar distributor, it will probably be followed by a substantial delivery fee. You can also check the company’s customer approval rating to ensure you’re dealing with a reliable operator.

Inexpensive and Nutritious Food

Although you want to decrease your pet food budget, you shouldn’t sacrifice your cat’s health to save a few bucks. The cheapest food available is also the least nutritious. At grocery stores, you can find low-quality food on the highest shelves. Expensive food is placed at eye level so that the consumer is more likely to purchase it, but you can find quality cat food below the premium shelves. The medium grade cat food contains fewer grains and fillers than the cheapest products but usually contains less protein than high-quality food.

Homemade Cat Food

If you’re tired of purchasing the same brand or your cat disapproves of its current food, you can try making homemade cat food. You’ll save a considerable amount if you’re able to produce your cat food but check with your vet before starting a new diet.


Providing your feline with cool, fresh water can also lower your food budget. Dehydrated cats will consume more wet food when they have issues with their water bowl, and you may have to replace their water multiple times during a heatwave or on a day when the air conditioner fails.

By following the previous tips, you can save money on cat food without sacrificing your feline’s health.

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4 thoughts on “6 Simple Tips on How To Save Money on Cat Food

  1. Crystal says:

    Good ideas on how to save money on Cat food. Also, a good reminder to put your Cat’s health first. A question is how healthy is the cat foo I feed my finicky Cat?

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