17 Reasons to own a Black Cat – Infographic

Look, it’s a mini-panther! That’s what most people say when they see a black cat.

But they also tend to think about something else. Something that’s been around since the middle ages. Something that’s not so good. And that something is superstition.

Black cats are plagued by them. Things like if that black cat crosses my path, I’ll get sick. Or if that black cat walks away from me, it will take with it all my luck. Or if a black cat lays by a sick person, it means they will soon die.

While most of us take these superstitions for what they are, silly urban legends, they still take a toll on black cats. Especially around Halloween, where animal shelters have to take extra precautions to protect black cats.

Enter Dave K., who runs the website sixcatsonedude. He is the proud parent of six rescue cats, three of them black. To help set the record straight about black cats, he put together a fun infographic on the 17 benefits of owning a black cat.

They cover everything from health, to love, to house chores and even how people view you. You can check out the 17 benefits of owning a black cat below:

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13 thoughts on “17 Reasons to own a Black Cat – Infographic

  1. francefougere says:

    I was the happy owner of a black cat ( found when he was a kitten in a forest ) and he was a sensible, lovely cat -my first cat love. My parents had a lovely tiny lady-cat – black also – We do not care wether they are black or not. We love each other. 🙂

  2. jabrush1213 says:

    My grandparents had a black cat when I was growing up. I never understood why people thought black cats were so bad. Smokey, the name of the cat, was very sweet and adorable. Although, I don’t remember whether Smokey was a boy or a girl I do have fond memories of this black cat.

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