Angel’s Eyes Traveling Journey With Sleepypod

I want to share with you a story about me traveling with my mom and dad to Milwaukee because my dad was going to have major surgery there. I’ll start my story by telling you that I received a mobile pet bed from our sponsor Sleepypod to travel in. The Sleepypod mobile pet bed is pet carrier that is very unique and has been tested for pets so they can safely travel as passengers in a vehicle and restrict harmful movement resulting from a sudden vehicle stop or frontal collision. Every Sleepypod carrier and harness includes PPRS components and features to improve pet passenger safety.

sleppypod 2

When you receive a Sleepypod product such as the mobile pet bed, the best way for you to get used to it before you travel is to let your pet play with it for about a week. Because if you just put your pet in it first they will always think it’s a negative thing like going to the vet instead of a safe fun place to sleep or travel in.

sleepypod 4

Here’s a few examples what I did to get used to the Sleepypod. I sniffed it and even played with the strap.

sleepypod 5

I played soccer using the lid as a goal post. Aha,,, mom you didn’t need to use this photo purr…. You could at least put a photo of me making the goal!

sleepypod 6

Peek a Boo! purr…. playing a peek-a-boo game will also help…

sleepypod 7

and hide N Seek… Well, you probably understand how to get your fur babies used to the Sleepypod.

sleepypod 8

Getting back to my story.
Here you see we are packing the car to start my adventure traveling in the car to our destination. Sleepypod has made sure to protect me and other animals during the joy of driving with pets. All Sleepypod dog and Cat harnesses and pet carriers go through stringent safety tests to include static material tensile testing and dynamic crash testing. This is the same as the standard set of tests for child safety restraints.

sleepypod 9

The traveling in the Sleepypod was the easy part of my travels. I had to get used to a new place with new smells and away from my home. I used the sleepypod as a bed in the condo. purr… It did help that I had some smells from home. You can also put them in a smaller room until they get used to a new place.

sleepypod 10

Sleepypod can be accessorized with a four seasons system that includes an Air Mesh hammock to help keep your pet cool in warmer climates and a plug-in Warmer pad to help keep your pet warm in cooler climates.

sleepypod 12

My journey with the Sleepypod made me feel safe and I would tell all my friends if they were going on a trip that they need a Sleeypod for safety reasons alone, but also to have a bed to sleep in wherever they go.

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In conclusion to my story I am home again with mom and dad while dad recovers from surgery and he is doing well and I am happy my journey has come to an end. I would like to say Thank you all for your prayers and kindness of getting me and my family through this journey and Thank you Sleepypod for making my travels more comfortable and safe.

See you next time here or on my Facebook page here!

Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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3 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes Traveling Journey With Sleepypod

  1. Christine Carroll says:

    Great idea getting you used to your sleepy pod before your journey. I do love your pink dress. Good news about your dad. Hugs and Purrs. Mom and Spike x?????

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