Introducing PUZZLE PAWS by Kitty Cafe

The design team at Kitty Cafe, where their passion fuels innovation and creativity, have created and now launched Puzzle Paws – the treat dispenser that is a literal ball of fun for your feline friend!

We believe that in today’s more modern, technologically driven world, we may have lost touch a little with what is important to us when buying a product. Nowadays, we are extremely used to purchasing products that have been mass-produced in bulk and because of that, don’t you think products have lost a lot of their personality?

Well, here at Kitty Cafe, we hope to change that – all our products are carefully considered, based on the customer’s needs and wants. An incredible amount of time and effort is given by each member of our team, to lovingly craft each unique piece and finish them to a high standard of quality and it really does show through in our delightful, one-of-a-kind products. So that’s who we are – the company putting personality back into products.

What is Puzzle Paws?

Puzzle Paws in simple terms, is a treat dispensing ball for your cat, but there is so much more to it than that! This is a treat dispenser designed for the ease and pleasure of both you and your beloved kitty. All cats have a more wild side to them – it’s a part of their natural instincts, but they may show it in ways that you probably wished they didn’t (playfully nibbling at your ankles or toes when you innocently walk by!) Of course, these little cheeky, quirky things are one of the reasons we absolutely adore our furry friends, but wouldn’t some me time be lovely or knowing that whilst you’re not in the house, your cat won’t be bored and entertain themselves in other ways? Well then, look no further than Puzzle Paws!

Remember that wild side we mentioned earlier? Puzzle Paws helps to stimulate that, encouraging your cat to go absolutely crazy, bounding around and chasing after this seemingly normal toy ball, but we know and your kitty will be able to smell the tantalisingly close treats hidden inside! Once Puzzle Paws releases a delicious reward, your feline will be desperate for another and this is when they start using their puzzle solving skills, intrigued with how this mysterious little ball works and how it releases those magically appearing treats, which is both amusing and fascinating to watch!

We did say it was designed for cats and their owners! Puzzle Paws is incredibly simple and easy to clean and refill (which your kitty will be sure to beg you to do) with a clear locking mechanism. It is also made from an extremely durable material and the mechanism used is very secure, meaning it can be knocked about plenty of times and won’t fall apart or become damaged. This material is also food safe, so there is absolutely no risk of harm to your precious furry baby. Last, but most certainly not least, having your cat engage in regular play as they would with Puzzle Paws, means that they are much less likely to engage in the type of antics we aren’t so fond of, such as scratching at your beautiful sofa! Oh! It also makes for a much calmer, happier kitty who may just reward you with a warm little cuddle in the evenings, when you come back from work – purr-fect!

How will it benefit my cat?

Well, with Puzzle Paws, your cat will be both mentally and physically stimulated as they are encouraged to engage in exercise, but also to use their mind to try and work out the puzzle! This is a wonderful release for their hunting instincts, as well as making boredom and loneliness feelings of the past – they’ll simply have no time with Puzzle Paws constantly on their little mind! Your precious feline will notably grow in happiness and health with this sweetly designed treat dispenser – how wonderfully paw-some.

Where can I purr-chase?

Puzzle Paws has now been launched and is live on Kickstarter and will be till the 14th January 2021. Here, you can choose from a selection of five different, beautifully bright colours – orange, pink, green, blue or purple, each engraved with an exceptionally cute, irresistible kitty design.

There are some amazing, LIMITED ‘Early Bird’ offers, so there simply isn’t a single meow-ment to waste! If this is the treat dispenser you’ve been needing for your cat for years, but could never find one that was high quality or designed with such care and knowledge of what you and your kitty needs then, support and purr-chase here!

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