Infographic: Moving House with Cats

The UK in lockdown has hit many hard, but in one section of the economy at least, the residential property market there has been a flurry of activity. Working from home has been destigmatised and with the stamp duty freeze going on until the end of March 2021, many property owners in premium areas are opting for a change of scenery and heading for the countryside. If you are in that bracket and moving on to pastures greener, spare a thought for your feline companions and the effect that moving home will have on them.

Our friends at London based removal company Volition Removals have shared some useful information on how to make moving home with your cat as comfortable as possible. The graphic shows a step by step process of moving house with cats and considerations you might wish to make along the way, but we’ve narrowed down some of the main take away points below:

  • Consider each stage of the move; packing, the moving day itself and the period immediately after moving in. Each stage of the move will cause disruption and changes to the routine, so keep an eye on the effect each stage is having on your pet, and if their behaviour seems unusual.
  • The moving process can be loud with many feet moving frequently through the home, and the chance of sudden thuds and bumps. If you have a quiet room for your pet, or a known third party who can take them in the interim this can help eliminate stress.
  • Prep your new home, make sure it’s safe and leave some familiar favoured items about the home for your cat to find while they explore.
  • Keep your companion indoors for several weeks after the move. Help them to acclimatise to their new kingdom and again keep and eye on their behaviour to judge how they are settling in.

Moving House With Cats

If you are interested in further information see our recent article on moving with pets or some additional information of the topic from Volition Removals here.

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